Have you seen the splashes of color on your competitors’ walls? No, they are not vinyl graphics. Instead, they are custom posters that attract the attention of shoppers and can pay huge dividends when used as part of a marketing or branding campaign. What do you need to know about this signage solution today?

Commercial Printing vs. Desktop Publishing

Custom postersAlthough very helpful for office work, laser printers and desktop inkjet machines are not ideal for the creation of commercial posters. To wow your customers with vibrant colors, crisp edges, and the kind of image depth that only well-designed graphic art pieces bring to the wall, you need to rely on commercial equipment. We ensure that you will never see a banding line on your posters or a gradual color change as the cartridge runs out of ink. Each poster features a full-color print on one side. We rely on UV ink, which prevents fading.

Choosing the Right Paper

Custom postersThere are a number of options open to you.

  • Size. Regular posters measure 11 inches by 17 inches. That said, there are other alternatives, too. For example, our equipment supports 18 inches by 24 inches, and even larger. We consider posters larger than 48 inches to be oversized, which is not a problem but just a change in terminology.
  • Paper. The standard thickness is .013 inches. If you would like something a bit more substantial, consider the selection of a substrate that doubles this measurement. If you plan on mounting the poster to a wall or other material, we gladly print on poster paper with an adhesive backing.
  • Finish. Would you like a standard poster look or prefer a glossy presentation? Just let us know.

Mounting Options

Mount the poster to a substrate of your choice. We already mentioned the self-adhesive backing. The images are also suitable for framing. If you like, we can mount them to foam board here at the shop. Doing so expands your display options to include easels, suction cup mounts for window displays, or wire mounts for ceiling installations.

How to Use Custom Posters to Your AdvantageCustom posters

  • Point of purchase signs. Increase sales by making buying suggestions for shoppers who select specific items. If a customer buys a scarf, have a poster that shows a matching set of gloves. If you sell cheese, present the perfect wine pairing.
  • Product introductions. When you add a new line of merchandise to your inventory, let your customers know about it. Doing so heightens brand and product awareness. It also allows you to inform the consumer about the item’s advantages and uses. We recommend printing various posters and placing them all around the store and in the windows.
  • Countertop displays. Draw the eye of the shopper to a particular section of your counter. Announce product demonstrations, special offers on the merchandise, or coupon codes the customer can capture with a smartphone app for rebates.
  • Edgy teasers. If you anticipate the introduction of a new brand, offer tantalizing tidbits of information without revealing too much via multiple poster displays. You will make the buyer curious about the new product, which helps with its launch later on.

Are you ready to give the competition a run for the money today? Contact us to schedule a design consultation, so we can print the posters you need to do just that.

Custom posters

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team