What makes Millennials tick? This demographic, which came into existence sometime between the early 1980s and 2000s, is tech savvy and strives for a work-life balance. It shaped the tone of political and social discourse. Although big on technology, consumers falling into this group have a keen interest in environmental protection and charitable causes. If you are actively marketing to Generation Y, do you know how to put together the most compelling retail signs in the greater Atlanta area?

Catch the Eye with Overhead Banners

Retail Signs in the Greater Atlanta AreaYou may only have a few seconds to encourage shoppers to stay at your venue. If you fail to appeal to your targeted demographic during that short time, you may never get a second chance to do so. We recommend the use of overhead vinyl banners that bespeak the availability of organic or environmentally friendly products. Since this is a major selling point for Gen Y, placing your marketing materials related to these product lines front and center is a must.

Select Advertising Materials with a Green or Nature Inspired Message

Retail Signs in the Greater Atlanta AreaRetail signs are also a must-have for other corporate institutions. Whether you run a grocery store, sell shoes, or provide financial services, there is a common thread that binds together millennial-friendly marketing materials.

  • Bold colors win. Attract attention with striking colors. Incorporate greenery, the Pantone color of the year, to signal your understanding of the demographic’s preferences.
  • Opt for the multi-format approach. Incorporate banners, A-frames, wall graphics, point of purchase (POP) products, and posters. Always include your logo, and place the materials in such a way that they appeal to passersby as well as to those who are inside your location.
  • Think outside the box. Your trade show display does not have to be a single-use advertising tool. More and more companies include these products into their on-floor promotions. For example, a bank or credit union would do very well to highlight its understanding of corporate responsibility by creating this type of setup to showcase employee involvement in local causes or its commitment to lend to green industries.
  • Message brevity is a must. Rather than going for plenty of text, rely on visual cues to attract the consumer. Fewer words and more action graphics of people using or enjoying the product are good options. Another choice is the emphasis on an environmental message that resonates with your target demographic.
  • Create an outdoor to indoor setup. Clients have had excellent success with marketing and branding presentations that start on the exterior and continue all the way to the inside. Examples might include window graphics, A-frames, floor stickers, banners, wall graphics or wraps, kiosks, and branded product demonstration counters.

Buy Demographic-driven Retail Signs in the Greater Atlanta Area

Retail Signs in the Greater Atlanta AreaDiscuss your company’s marker needs with our advertising sign specialists. We work with you to put together a collection of presentation materials that appeal to millennial consumers. Whether you need new marketing signage for a seasonal promotion, or you want to revamp your current advertising signage to be more appealing to Generation Y, we can help.

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Retail Signs in the Greater Atlanta Area

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team