Imagine if your walls communicated your brand message. Everywhere you look, you would see a component of your brand. And not only would you be able to get away from the institutional look of white walls, but you might also be able to add some texture. With custom wallpaper, you can do just that.

Immerse the Client or Employee in a Business Model Display

Custom WallpaperYour way of doing business may be to take a no-nonsense approach to a project at hand; it may be an organized set of steps that you follow each and every time. Then again, you may run a business that thrives on a creative approach to problem-solving. You could spell out this information with wall lettering, or you could express it with wallpaper that features images or artwork that gets the point across.

Doing so allows for a more immersive approach to taking in your business model and brand message rather than a wall featuring written text only. As a result, your prospective client is far more likely to buy into the message while your employees feel inspired by the messages surrounding them.

Customize Wallpaper to Meet A Company’s Unique NeedsCustom Wallpaper

  • Substrate. Choose the material we print on. The standard request is a 45-pound paper with a matte finish. We add a laminate to protect the image and allow for easy cleaning. Another material option is commercial grade vinyl. It is ideal for heavy traffic areas. Several textures allow for additional customization; examples include canvas, plaster, or pique.
  • Ink. We like to use UV inks. This choice boosts the life of your finished product because it protects it from fading due to sunlight exposure. Because we use top-of-the-line print equipment, you receive images with crisp features and vibrant colors. Unless you specify otherwise, we opt for natural tones when displaying human skin, animal fur, or plant hues.
  • Image selection. Keep it as simple or go as ornate as you like. Some clients have had excellent success with dark paper that shows subliminal images a few shades darker still. Others selected nature pictures or artwork for their walls. When you combine the subject matter of the image with the right substrate texture, you get a great-looking product that is lifelike and sure to turn heads. To get your brand message across, we recommend the integration of corporate colors and industry-specific images.

Accessorize the Presentation with Other Graphics Products for a Visual One-two Punch

Custom WallpaperOnce you select your custom wallpaper, consider a boost to its message by adding secondary signage solutions that continue the brand conversation.

  • Floor graphics. These images attach to tiles, carpeting, concrete, and a variety of other surfaces. We often get requests for installing corporate logo floor stickers in business lobbies. Of course, we can also do so in retail settings and eateries.
  • Window graphics. Whether you have glass dividers in your office, windows in your retail location, or decorative glass enclosures in your spa, why not add graphics and lettering to provide the brand information in words that your wallpaper expresses with images and color displays?
  • Banners. You cannot go wrong with banners that we might suspend from the ceiling. These items are ideal for advertising messages explaining new product lines.

When you contact our graphic artists today, we gladly schedule a client consultation to show you exactly what we mean.

Custom Wallpaper

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team