The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) makes it possible for consumers suffering from a variety of disabilities to have access to public venues. Its rules govern a broad range of specific accommodations, which include signage. Failure to follow the letter of the law results in warnings and opens up the potential for fines reaching $50,000 or more. But there are plenty of other reasons to display ADA signs in Smyrna Georgia, offices and storefronts.

It is Good Business

ADA Signs in Smyrna GA

Even if your venue falls into the category of companies that are exempt from following ADA rules, consider that the display of compliant signage makes good business sense. For example, if a visually impaired client visits you, the availability of compliant signage will be well received. This, in turn, leads to goodwill and word-of-mouth recommendations. Goodwill, in particular, is impossible to buy with money. Earning it in this manner, however, is achievable.

Open up Doors for Additional Branding Opportunities

ADA and Braille Signs in Smyrna GA

It is a common misconception that ADA signs are bland and detract rather than add to the visual appeal of your signage suite. Our graphic artists are well known in the local business community for designing compliant markers that integrate corporate colors with compliant contrasts, 3D style elements, and logo displays. For example, high-tech industries like the idea of brushed aluminum signage with black lettering, frames, and light curvatures. Adding a logo to one of these products is simple when you feature it as a muted image in the backdrop.

Attractive Sign Options that Suit Multiple Industries

Smryna GA ADA Signs

  • Metal plaques. Brass, bronze, and similar metals look fantastic in a broad range of settings. They allow for the presentation of raised letters and Braille II dots. Moreover, because clients frequently request black stipple backdrops, the color contrast is ideal for ADA purposes.
  • Shaped acrylic boards. Select a shape that bespeaks your logo or niche. In some cases, a nod to your venue’s architectural features can be an excellent choice. Add dimensional letters for compliance. Color contrasts are easy to achieve. Choose a transparent board that allows the wall color to contrast with the hue of the 3D letters. In the alternative, pick a corporate color for which we find the suitable contrast tone.
  • Lettering installation. A direct letter-to-wall installation can be possible with the addition of a frame. Doing so imbues your space with avant-garde pizzazz, which allows the signage to become part of your interior décor.

Buying ADA Signs in Smyrna Georgia

Discuss your compliant sign needs with our graphic artists. We work with you to identify the products the law says you need. In fact, our experts gladly visit your location to take an inventory of markers you already have and those you still lack. Next, we work up a signage suite that allows you to get into full compliance. If there are problems with any of the markers you currently display, we will let you know. Once you approve the proofs, we get to work on the manufacture. Finally, we visit your location and install the products at the required locations and heights. Call us today to schedule your design consultation!

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Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team