Your office’s atmosphere is an extension of your brand. Whether you are hip, old-fashioned, avant-garde, or somewhere in between, the look and feel of your space reflect it. While furnishings and architectural style elements do much of the heavy lifting, wall graphics and murals in Smyrna, GA, office buildings most certainly contribute. What are your options?

Graphics Emphasize Brand Aspects

Wall Graphics in Smyrna GA

Support your brand message with the lobby or conference room display of your company’s mission statement. Clients have had excellent success with this setup when placing the logo on the wall that features as background for video conferencing. Doing so offers the opportunity for branding whenever your staff negotiates with customers or investors.

Brand with Wall Murals in Smyrna GA

Logos are wall graphics that look great anywhere. Some companies are moving away from traditional lobby signs in favor of vinyl logo graphics that combine with a mission statement or simple lettering expressing the business’ name. Offices in industrial complexes sometimes present their name and logo combinations in this manner. Of course, other niches are also catching on to this trend.

Other types of wall graphics to consider are images that portray niche-specific displays, enlarged product depictions, or a timeline of the company’s history complete with reproductions of historical documents and old photos. For the latter, displays along the walls of a hallway would be ideal.

Murals Bring Pizzazz, Style, and Attitude to any Office

Wall Murals in Smyrna GA

When does your office need attitude? If you are changing the way you are doing business from the classic cubicle model to an agile workplace, you have plenty of wall space to work with. We recommend the addition of murals that imbue the space with the attitude you want your workers to take on. Incorporate the corporate colors for a brand expression, too. That said, this type of look also works well for unusual or narrow niche settings. There, it underscores the product or service the company provides as well as the mindset that governs its manufacture.

Buy Wall Graphics and Murals in Smyrna, GA

Customization is a crucial component of branding success with wall murals and graphics. Buying generic products at big box wallpaper stores and similar settings is probably not a good idea. Instead, work with our graphic artists to put together a set of products that uniquely suits your space, business background, corporate branding, and message you want to get across. Our professionals help you to decide on the look of the images, the placement of the style elements in your lobby, and the selection of appropriate wording to accompany the graphics.

We show you proofs of the proposed products, which makes it easy to envision them on your wall surfaces. Invite us to come out to take measurements for your murals. At that, time, we can also discuss the sizing of the images because we get a better idea of the windows and doors we need to cut out. Then again, perhaps you would like us to apply the mural to the doors, too. Contact us today to get started on your project!

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Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team