When clients come to the Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio to discuss vehicle wraps and graphics statistics for Atlanta advertising opportunities win them over quickly. Initially, these entrepreneurs and seasoned company executives want to stay in step with the competition, which is using mobile marketing to its advantage. But once they learn about the facts and industry statistics, they adopt this advertising tool on its merits. What can you learn from them that you might not have known?vehicle wraps and graphics statistics for Atlanta

  • High ad recall. Vinyl manufacturer 3M gauges ad recall to be at 97 percent of consumers exposed to the information. The combination of artistry and customized lettering succeeds in creating this experience. If you could present your targeted demographic with a truck ad display and get this level of recollection, would you not take advantage of the marketing medium?
  • Positive impression. Of the polled consumers, 98 percent associated the mobile marketing display with a positive attitude toward the business. This favorable opinion was independent of any interaction with the staff or purchase of goods.
  • Cheaper than other advertising options. Measuring the cost by thousand impression increments, 3M asserts that for fleet graphics in a San Francisco test market, the cost of one increment was $0.48. Compare this figure to the cost of one increment reached by television time at $23.70 or by a newspaper ad at $19.70, and it makes sense that mobile marketing is the way to go.vehicle wraps and graphics statistics for Atlanta
  • Always on. Advertising around the clock, every day of the calendar year, is a snap with vehicle wraps and graphics. Since the average useful life of these vinyl products is about five to seven years, you have plenty of opportunities to get your message out to a broad range of consumers. In contrast, billboard ads need to be re-ordered when your display time is up, which may require additional payments ever 30 to 60 days.
  • On the move. Speaking of billboards, remember that are you are at the mercy of the firm’s placement of these signage products. If the billboard you advertise on displays to an audience made up of consumers who would not ordinarily fall into your target demographic, you may not get the response you want. If access to the billboard closes down because of road construction, your ability to impress customers narrows down even more. With a vehicle wrap, you just seek out the consumers where they live, work, and go for their recreational activities.

vehicle wraps and graphics statistics for Atlanta The vehicle wraps and graphics statistics for Atlanta area business owners speak for themselves. Whether you have one work truck, a small group of delivery vans, or a fleet of vehicles featuring various makes and models, we can help you put together full or partial wraps, graphics and lettering packages, or spot graphics that advertise and brand your business. Our visual artists gladly incorporate any artwork you already have on file or design something completely new from the ground up. Contact us today to schedule your consultation appointment and find out what we can do for your business’ mobile marketing presentation.

vehicle wraps and graphics statistics for Atlanta