If you had the opportunity to let consumers see your advertising message around the clock for about five years, would you take advantage of it? When you invest in expertly designed, manufactured, and installed van graphics in Smyrna, GA, you are doing just that.

Around the Clock for Five Years – Anywhere

Van Graphics in Smyrna GA

The average useful life of vehicle graphics is about five years. During this time, your marketing and branding messages stand out around the clock. There is no lapse when you do not want to pay for an expensive billboard, or the radio station is waiting for the next round of new spots to air. It does not matter if it rains or shines; your message is always on. But there is more to these graphics than meets the eye. Unlike a billboard, which is stationary, or the newspaper ad that relies on the consumer’s wiliness to turn to its page, your graphics go where your targeted demographic lives, works, and plays.

Effective Branding with an Artistic Flair

Van Wraps in Smyrna GA

What makes the graphics stand out is the artistry that goes into the design. Cases in point are full van wraps that feature stripes, geometric shapes, and attractive color schemes. Industry studies prove that the overwhelming majority of people notice a treated vehicle simply because of its graphics displays. Moreover, the same studies also show that these consumers form a positive opinion of the company that uses this type of advertising and branding – even if they have never visited its place of business.

Enhancing a Graphics Package with Add-ons

Smyrna GA Van Graphics

Typical graphics packages include full and partial wraps as well as graphics and lettering combinations. To boost the impression a van makes is easy when adding that little something extra to turn heads and reinforce brand awareness among your buyers.

  • Perforated vinyl window covers. For your van’s rear windows, our graphic artists recommend the installation of perforated vinyl. Imprinted on one side with your advertising message, the other side allows you to see out of the vehicle. Safely drive the van, and have consumers take in additional marketing information on the glass panes.
  • QR codes. Quick response (QR) codes are ideal for reaching the smartphone owner. When you tie in your online presence with your physical presence in the neighborhood, you succeed in heightening the localized appeal of your brand. A landing page presents your customers with coupon offers or the possibility of a newsletter sign-up. QR codes are also excellent for holiday and special occasion marketing such as back-to-school advertising.
  • Mottos or taglines. When you buy van graphics in Smyrna, GA, capitalize on the name recognition you have already generated. If, in the past, you invested in a radio spot, use the jingle and place it on your van with vinyl lettering. Combined with your graphics package, this practice has the potential to increase brand awareness among prospective buyers and supports your name recognition as well.

Our visual artists have many more ideas for your next graphics package. Contact us today to find out more!

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Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team