The Sign Research Foundation, a group that dedicates its resources to finding out what makes markers efficient, has taken a long hard look at the marketing communications aspect of the products. The experts have narrowed down their research results to three distinct effects that good storefront signage in Smyrna GA, should possess, too. Do you know what they are?

Well-designed Signage Inspires Favorable Attention and Deliberation

Storefront Signage in Smyrna GAThe consumer notices your sign. S/He thinks about it, interprets what s/he sees and reacts to the message. Just as dilapidated signs evoke negative opinions, well designed, good-quality products result in positive impressions. You can achieve this goal in any number of ways.

  • Quality materials. Exterior signage is the face of your company. By extension, this understanding applies to the A-frame, the vehicle wrap, and the window graphics setup – not just the building sign.
  • An attractive message. Many business clients have had excellent success with witty sayings, handwritten messages (or printed messages that appear handwritten), and persuasive one-liners.
  • Aesthetics. Color combinations, material selections, mounting techniques, and even manufacturing methods influence the aesthetics of your signs. A consumer can form a thought process based simply on the acrylic logo board you select for a lobby sign.

Signs should also Appeal to the Consumer on a Visceral Level

Storefront Signage in Smyrna GAWe refer to this impression as the gut level response. Typically, a customer will react to your brand message with this level of emotional attention. You achieve it by combining colors with lettering that results in a feeling of being welcomed or relaxed. When you succeed in combining an emotional appeal with a cognitive response, you are well on your way to the third, and perhaps most critical, reaction to your signage: action.

Consumers Respond to Your Marketing Messages with Actions (or lack thereof)

Storefront Signage in Smyrna GAIf your signs with the “buy me” messages are not resulting in greater sales figures, it may be the message that is to blame. The shopper does not appreciate – either consciously or subconsciously – the bold approach you have chosen to make the sale. A more subtle approach may work better. For example, a point of purchase (POP) sign that emphasizes a product’s freshness may work better in persuading the shopper to make the buy than a marker that asks for the sale.

What Does Your Signage Say?

If you are presenting shoppers with storefront signage in Smyrna GA, understanding the ways that consumers react to the messages is vital. Our business sign experts have worked with plenty of retailers to put together product packages for successful displays. The trick here is to combine different display types that appeal to different thoughts and emotions your shoppers may have. In so doing, you acknowledge the complexity of buyers and guide them toward a decision-making opportunity. Asking for the sale with a few well-placed upsell suggestions is easy.

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Storefront Signage in Smyrna GA

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team