Much more than just functional wayfinding tools, federal and local laws require certain types of entrance and exit signs in Smyrna GA, commercial establishments. These rules affect manufacturing plants as well as stores, offices, hospitality venues, educational facilities, and hospitals.

Why Invest in Signs Noting Exits and Entrances?

entrance and exit signs in Smyrna GAAside from the fact that you may not be in compliance with the law if you fail to have these products installed inside your venue, there are other compelling reasons.

  • Safe exit strategy. Avoid bottlenecks and let your workers and customers escape safely if there is an emergency. By clearly marking possible exits, those in your venue do not have to return to the door they remember when entering. Signage guides them to the nearest exit, which may be somewhere else.
  • Anticipate poor visibility. When the alarm sounds, things get hectic. Having illuminated entrance and exit signs makes it possible for them to act as beacons in chaos. Should there be smoke in the hallways, the signs remain visible because of pre-installed lighting.
  • Emergency exit signs feature built-in illumination. Even if there is a power outage, your staff members and customers will find their ways to the doors because of the battery backups that these products feature.

Aesthetics vs. Compliance

entrance and exit signs in Smyrna GAWhen discussing these products with our clients, some believe that it is impossible to put a branding touch on these signage solutions. But just as it is possible to display ADA-compliant signs that nevertheless feature your branding, it is also feasible to do the same with entrance and exit signs. The trick here is to differentiate between emergency signage, which must comply with mounting locations and illumination requirements, and directional markers that may be more ornamental. Although you can have both at your facility, it is vital to put the legally mandated signs up first. From there, it is a snap to customize signs using dimensional letters, acrylic boards, wood, or wall graphics.

A Word on Entrance Signs

entrance and exit signs in Smyrna GAAlthough the vast majority of this discussion has concentrated on the exit markers, consider that entrance signs are usually important on the exterior of a facility.

  • Parking lot. Post and panel signs are ideal directional markers that point customers to the right door. This setup is frequently a great help when visiting properties with multiple buildings on the site such as hospitals, universities, and museums.
  • Windows displays. Vinyl window lettering lets the shopper know where the entrance to a store is located. Consider the installation of these signage solutions if your storefront features multiple doors but only one is currently in use as an access.
  • Foyer markers. For movie theaters, museums with various halls, and banquet facilities, the creative use of entrance signs imbues the venues with a branding display while concurrently helping guests to orient themselves.

If you still need to add some entrance and exit signs in Smyrna GA, offices, storefronts, or other settings, contact our graphic artists today to assist with the design process. We help you put together products that get the job done and look great in the process.

entrance and exit signs in Smyrna GA

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team