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Are you using the inside of the windows in your restaurant or retail store?


When you think of window graphics, most likely you picture images of ‘for sale’ signs and item promotions facing outwardly towards the traffic passing by a particular business.


But you can also utilize your windows on the interior side for graphics that display to your diners or customers inside.




A double-sided window graphic can be used to display a sale or promotion to people passing by the outside of your business or location. They can also, at the same time, feature graphics on the inside that display to your customers.  It’s important to think of marketing to your customers and prospects from the point of contact, all the way to the sale. If you have an attractive image promoting a product that drives someone into your store or restaurant, you shouldn’t stop marketing the same product to them there. You can feature the same image, or a completely different one, that displays to the interior.




Window graphics can also be a great way to create privacy or perhaps block out visually unappealing scenery. For example, if some of the windows in your restaurant have a view that people would prefer not to see, you can install window graphics that will not only be branded with your marketing, but will also prevent your customers from seeing through.


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Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio – Smyrna, GA