Do your lobby, conference rooms, waiting rooms, or patient rooms feel a little cramped?

Square footage can be expensive – especially in downtown areas – so it’s important to try to maximize as much space as you can.

But what do you do when there just isn’t enough space?

A wall mural of a wide open vista or a local attraction can make a room feel more open, as well as provide a calming effect on clients, customers and patients. A blank or monochromatic wall space is boring and can cause people to become restless. But a beautiful picture of a sunset or tropical beach, for example, is a lot more visually appealing and gives people something to look at.

A wall mural featuring a beautiful image covering a wall from ceiling to floor is just one way to utilize an empty wall space. Another way empty wall space can be used is for branding and marketing purposes. With patients, customers or clients waiting to be seen, you have an opportunity to market to them or deliver a message, like an upcoming sale or event. Or, you can simply brand the space with your logo and tagline.

There are a lot of options when it comes to wall murals and custom wallpaper.

So don’t just try a slapping on a new color of paint in order to try and jazz up a space. Consider something a little bit more custom that brings the outdoors in, or features custom graphics that relate to your industry, products or services, and create a waiting room that is interesting and a pleasure to be in.

As long as the weight isn’t too long, of course.

If you have any questions about custom wall murals, or any other kind of custom signage, just give us a call, visit our website, or stop by our sign studio in Smyrna, GA.

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio