download (18) Decorative window films are a great way to create the frosted or etched glass look found in so many offices and corporate businesses. Frosted glass can be very expensive so many businesses look for alternatives. Decorative window films with the frosted glass look are applied in minutes directly to any flat glass surface, and come in a variety of different designs, patterns and textures.


Decorative window films like the ones pictured in this article are typically made of vinyl, and can easily be removed. The big advantage to being able to remove the window films easily is the look and feel can be changed whenever the client wants, without having to tear out expensive frosted glass and replace it with something else. Some of our clients have us install custom films, but years later decide that they want to have a different look and feel. In this case, we either create a custom design for them, or have they bring us a new design the that they like. Then all we have to do is go in and swap out the old film with the new one.


In terms of custom designs, complex shapes and images are very achievable with vinyl frosted glass. Anything from geometric shapes to nature images to logos and corporate slogans can be incorporated into the design of the decorative film.

Door signs, for example, such as the name of the conference room or the name of a particular employee, can be incorporated in the frosted glass film. This is a very sophisticated look at a cost effective price point, and it also offers an easy change process when employees move offices or the name of the conference room is changed.

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Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio