A small business cannot afford too many missteps with its advertising budget. In fact, the Houston Chronicle ran a piece a while ago that expertly defined the importance of a short-term advertising tactic as a means to increase market share and drive local sales. Because many an entrepreneur does not have the funds needed for an all-out advertising campaign that appeals to a citywide, statewide, or nationwide audience, the most powerful localized effort is the use of affordable vehicle wraps.

All Business is Local (until it isn’t any longer)

Affordable Vehicle WrapsAs you start out in the trade, your first customers come from the area where you set up shop. They come in because of your building signage, local promotion of the grand opening, and out of sheer curiosity. From there, you build on the clientele by advertising around town. It is at this juncture that many an entrepreneur spends money in places that cost too much for too little in return.

Vehicle wraps have the power to feature a brand message with an advertising tie-in at a fraction of the cost that other marketing means demand. If you can spend $0.35 for 1,000 impressions of your message with a wrap, why would you pay a newspaper $19.70 for the same outcome? Once you have garnered the market share in your area, you can eye other media for advertising in locales where you have yet to expand to (but already offer service in).

Control the Look, Feel, and Display of the Message

Affordable Vehicle WrapsThe two components of a wildly successful ad campaign are the presentation of the brand and the repetition of the message. The trick here is not the creation of name recognition so much as it is the emotional connection of the consumer to your brand message. Why should the shopper buy your widgets rather than the ones offered by a competitor? Aside from value and quality, what makes your business stand out in such a way that it holds a better appeal? This branding comes through perfectly with a wrap. Our experts help you select a mix of colors, images, and written messages that get across what your targeted demographic needs to see.

The repetition of the message is easy enough to achieve. Because the images are part of your corporate vehicle, you choose when you take the mobile billboard to the areas where your targeted demographic is located. Be there when they arrive home from work or show up when they leave in the mornings. Be visible during lunch and during school pick-up times. In short, wherever your customers are located, you can take the brand message to them with the wrapped car, truck, or van. Do this a few days or weeks in a row, and name recognition becomes a natural byproduct of your branding.

Talk to Our Graphics Experts about the Design of Affordable Vehicle Wraps

Affordable Vehicle WrapsFind out how inexpensive a well-designed wrap can be. Whether you choose a partial or full cover option, these branding products pack a punch. Moreover, you control their displays, which is a huge advantage for the business owner with a solid understanding of the local consumer demographic.

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Affordable Vehicle Wraps

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team