When you rely on well-designed restaurant menu boards in Smyrna, GA, you succeed in moving your guests faster through the lines. Doing so cuts down on customer wait times, which is a positive for the consumer, and lets you serve more clients, which brings in more money. A win-win for both sides, what do we mean when we talk about boards that are designed well?

Anatomy of a Functional Menu Board

Restaurant Menu Boards in Smyrna GA

Few things frustrate guests more than insider lingo and menus – printed or board-displayed – that are difficult to understand. Although some business owners may appreciate the cutesy appearance that mimics handwritten notes with crossed out words, customers detest these displays. They are looking for something that provides the maximum amount of information with a minimum opportunity for confusion.

  • Organization. Break down your board’s design to feature your food choices by category. For example, separate baked goods from fast food meals. Next, provide drink options on another tablet altogether. We have had excellent success with a three-panel design that offers this type of visual separation.
  • Details. Rather than using insider lingo to describe your products, make it clear even to a first-time guest what is in the omelet. Remember that a customer who does not understand what a description means is most likely not going to order the product.
  • Font choice. A clear, easy to read font will endear your menu board to guests. By providing clarity in this situation, you avoid line flow interruptions as guests ask servers or cashiers about the numbers or letters that are difficult to make out.

Present Boards in the Right Light

Restaurant Menu Signs in Smyrna GA

A black board with yellow and white lettering still needs excellent illumination. We always recommend a matte finish on our boards because it allows direct sunlight or artificial lighting to illuminate the setting without causing glare. If you do not have can lights or spotlights installed where you place the sign, it is possible to opt for lightbox cabinets that illuminate from within. These are a frequent choice of fast food restaurants. Another option is the addition of clamp-on light sources as accessories.

Mounting Options

A large number of clients likes to suspend the menu boards from the ceiling. This choice presents the guest with a vertical surface. Some customers opt for an angled setup instead. In this configuration, we mount the board at an angle that makes it easier on the guest to read the information whether s/he is in the front or the back of the line. In eateries where the cashiers and food preparers work back to back, we usually mount the boards to the walls to allow more ceiling space for special promotions banners.

Experience the Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Difference when Ordering Restaurant Menu Boards in Smyrna, GA

Our graphic artists intently listen to you as you describe the vision you have for the menu boards. Although we have plenty of experience designing, manufacturing, and installing these products, you are the one with the experience when it comes to meeting the needs of your guests. When we have a good understanding of what you look for, we prepare a proof that shows you the proposed board setup. Once we receive your approval, we manufacture and install the product. Contact us today to schedule your client consultation.

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Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team