When we talk to fleet managers, we routinely hear that their investment in graphics and wraps is paying off handsomely. Consumers respond well to colorful images that bespeak a brand, advertise a product or service, or introduce a company entering a new market. Take a closer look at some of the most successful product designs. How can you transform them in your own fleet vehicle graphics in Smyrna GA?

Put Your Lettering High

Fleet Vehicle Graphics in Smyrna GANothing grabs the eye more quickly than the successful combination of lettering and graphics. But for consumers to read your information, it needs to be easily visible. Because there is a good chance that you spend some time stuck in traffic, we always recommend putting the most important aspects of the message on the upper third of the graphics package. Whether you order lettering, spot graphics, or a full wrap, making sure the tenor of the message is up high guarantees that folks see it.

Dazzle Onlookers with Colors and Style Elements

Fleet Vehicle Graphics in Smyrna GASubliminal images, all-capital letters, gradient color changes, appealing hues that alternatively challenge the observer and provide visual respite are all parts of an approach that aims to dazzle the consumer. Pedestrians and motorists do not know what to take in first, which causes folks to linger and look over the whole vehicle. This approach is a surefire way to get your point across, generate name recognition, and foster brand awareness.

Eye Candy is a Thing

Fleet Vehicle Graphics in Smyrna GAThe use of eye candy means different things to different business owners. When you work with luxury brands, in particular, eye candy can be something as simple as the top of the line product the retailer offers. It causes shoppers to have a “wow” response. Even if a customer is not in the market for buying the product today or even this year, you create product knowledge, which can lead to sales that are months and even years down the line. For the customer who is in the market for a luxury product now, the wow factor cements the recognition that your company is the provider to select for the purchase.

Remember the “Other” Fleet Vehicles

Fleet Vehicle Graphics in Smyrna GA It is a common mistake to focus graphics packages only on the vehicles that hold the motor. Instead, do not forget to treat the support vehicles, too. Examples would include the trailers or tow rigs you rely on while going about your business. Remember that these pieces of equipment are parked and left in place for a while, which allows for a fantastic marketing opportunity. Go for the wow and invest in all the bells and whistles you selected for the primary vehicle’s treatment. The more opportunities a business will give the consumer to learn about the company, its products, and its brand message, the more likely it is that the shopper becomes a buyer.

Commission Fleet Vehicle Graphics in Smyrna GA

Do you like what you see? Contact our vehicle graphics experts today to find out what it will take to transform your fleet of cars, trucks, or vans so it will advertise and brand just as these folks do!

Fleet Vehicle Graphics in Smyrna GA

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team