Your building sign quickly becomes the calling card for your business. Retailers and service providers alike understand the importance of catching the attention of passersby. When you select a building sign to do just that, we suggest sandblasted hanging signs. What do you need to know about this signage solution today?

The Sandblasting Process Results in Artistic Signage

Sandblasted Hanging SignsOur clients have the option of choosing red cedar, redwood, or high-density urethane (HDU) for the base material. While wood offers an attractive rustic look, it does have the downside of bringing the unpredictability of a natural product to the table. HDU, on the other hand, is a synthetic material that is impervious to water damage, mold growth, rot, insect infestations, peeling, or cracking. In short, it is the ideal substrate for any display location.

Before we start the sandblasting process, we cut the material you select into the shape that you want the finished product to take on. A favorite shape is an oval; but we can also turn the board into a rendition of your logo. Next, we mask off the areas that you do not want to have removed. They will stand out and display as three-dimensional style elements. Examples would include your lettering, logo, and other information that you want to present to the consumer.  

What makes the finished signs so memorable is the attention to detail.

  • Background texture. Choose a sandstone finish, a faux wood grain look, or a pebbled appearance. This selection underscores your brand message.
  • Color scheme. We can paint the sign with an eye on color contrasts. Another option is the integration of multiple colors. Artificially age the sign’s look with sponged backdrop hues. Because we paint the marker by hand, there is also the opportunity of integrating a gradient tone change.
  • 3D presentation. You may choose to go for a heightened three-dimensional presentation by picking out a thicker substrate. The resulting signage creates a fantastic mix of light and darker areas. 

Hanging Signs Address Shoppers Approaching from Both Directions of the Sidewalk

Sandblasted Hanging SignsNow, envision this type of artistic marker positioned in front of your storefront or office to appeal to shoppers who are approaching on the sidewalk. Rather than addressing the consumer who stands right in front of your venue, you signal to those coming up what you have to offer. We recommend the use of ornate wrought iron arms that attach to the building’s façade at 90-degree angles.  

Augment the product with secondary signage to heighten the visual interest in your setting. For example, window graphics or an A-frame sign placed into the flow of foot traffic can slow down shoppers to take in your messages and step closer to your windows. Another excellent marker to consider for a heightened brand presentation is the use of sidewalk stickers and floor graphics. Go big, opt for 3D images, and overall make the space in front of your business one that utilizes artistry to catch the eyes of prospective buyers.  

Sandblasted Hanging SignsWhen you are ready to incorporate sandblasted hanging signs into your overall street-facing advertising, contact our graphic artists to get started on the design process.

Sandblasted Hanging Signs

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team