The table throw is a product that takes a generic platform and turns it into a brand communication powerhouse. Suitable for indoor and outdoor uses, we can guide you through the steps of table throw design and selection. What are your options?

Why Choose a Table Throw in the First Place?

Table Throw DesignCould you just use the table covers that the convention center or expo hall teams offer? Should you leave the table bare? If you have ever walked through a trade show hall, saw the rainbow of colors and polished presentations, you know that a bare table or a plain white cloth simply cannot stand out. Instead, you need this added message tool to catch the eyes of passersby and reinforce brand awareness.

Design and Presentation OptionsTable Throw Design

  • Sized vs. convertible throws. The printed product comes in four, six, or eight-foot lengths. It fits perfectly on the right table. Convertible throws, on the other hand, are suitable for six or eight-foot-tables. A set of Velcro fasteners ensures an easy conversion.
  • Fitted vs. stretched throws. When you order a fitted product, its size is compatible with the table and creates an elegant display. A stretched throw also fits tightly but lets you attach the bottom corners to the table’s legs. When you do that, you create a slight curvature on each side, which makes your table stand out from those around you. By the way, there are also throws for round tables. They measure between 30 inches and 60 inches in width and 30 inches and 42 inches in height. They, too, come in fitted or stretched presentations.
  • Material. We recommend the use of polyester, which makes washing the product a snap and allows it to drape nicely over a table.

Money-saving Table Throw Design Tips

Table Throw DesignIf you need to find ways to save money, consider an economy throw that does not feature a full back panel. Those walking up to your booth will not notice it. However, when you keep merchandise or a money box underneath the table, an economy product lets everyone behind you see it, which can be problematic if you do not have a solid booth backdrop. A full throw typically features a zippered back panel that allows easy access to the storage area but hides it from plain view.

When all else fails, and the budget simply does not allow for a customized table throw, consider the selection of a table runner instead. Available in widths of 24, 30, 36, and 60 inches, these products are appropriate for use with any generic throw and can even cover up a venue’s branding message to display yours instead. Keep in mind that these presentations are not only great for the trade show and expo circuit but also for corporate events, lobby displays, and promotional industry meetings.

Call us today to set up a design consultation! At that time, we talk through your use of graphics, colors, and integration into an existing booth display. We look forward to answering all your questions.

Table Throw Design

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team