Among the most effective signage solutions for local retailers are POP displays in Smyrna, GA. Also known as point-of-purchase signs, they are typically situated inside a store. Affixed to shelves that show the products noted in the advertising, they promise great deals and suggest product pairings for heightened enjoyment. But did you know that you could place these signs on the outside of your store as well? By doing so, you may very well increase the foot traffic of interested shoppers who enter your store. What are your options?

Framed Posters are Outstanding Co-branding Tools

Retail Store POP Displays in Smyrna GA

For the store located inside a mall or offering a large set of doors that remain open during nice weather, the use of framed posters is ideal. Advertise the product that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. By co-branding your logo with the manufacturer’s name and logo, you create brand awareness in the shopper, which quickly leads to repeat business. Another significant aspect of co-branding is the ability to utilize two sets of corporate colors to catch the attention of the consumer. This practice makes reeling in additional foot traffic a snap.

Overhead or Pole Banners Guide Shoppers to Desired Destinations

Hanging Banners for POP Displays in Smyrna GA

Entice passersby to step closer simply by highlighting the brand aspect of your products. For example, a grocery store selling produce would emphasize the availability of organic choices. This practice has the advantage of steering shoppers to various departments within your business. Select the overhead installation method to keep shelves and floors clear for other signs you may wish to display at a later time.

Of course, banners also work well on the exterior of your venue. If you have light poles on your property, commission pole banners to carry the advertising message. You frequently see this kind of setup in front of car dealerships. Shopping areas that feature multiple stores along a street also use this advertising tool during the holiday shopping season. For the big box retailer with the sizable parking lot, the presentation of particular product and deal information is easy with these kinds of banners.

Flags Catch the Eyes of Motorists and Pedestrians Alike

POP Displays in Smyrna GA

Opt for the classic teardrop shape or the feather setup. This signage solution does not allow for a lot of lettering; keeping the advertising message brief is, therefore, crucial. We recommend displaying multiple flags in a pattern right outside your store. One group of flags shows your company’s name and logo as well as corporate colors. A second group highlights a special sales event, deal, or similar advertisement. Try to encapsulate the message in one word. Next, simply display the flags in an alternating pattern.

Buying Point-of-purchase Displays in Smyrna, GA

Affordable point-of-purchase displays in Smyrna GA

When you are committed to increasing the foot traffic to your store, contact our graphic artists to discuss the design of POP signs that get your point across, catch the attention of passersby, and provide just enough details to leave would-be buyers curious about your products. In fact, when you call the pros at the Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio today, we can immediately schedule your client consultation!

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Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team