A quick glance around Marietta shows a city that loves events and occasions. Whether it is the Big Chicken Chorus, the Marietta Square Artisan Market on Saturdays, or the Cherokee Heights Arts Festival, there is always something going on. With this much bustle in the city, how do you succeed at capturing the attention of consumers? Have you been able to draw prospective buyers into your store and close the deals? If foot traffic has been lackluster, we recommend falcon flags in Marietta GA.

What is a Falcon Flag?

Falcon Flags in Marietta GAThe product is a banner that we attach to a pole. The side of the pole is straight, but at the upper fifth, you notice a curvature that gives the product the look of a wing. Although the secure construction ensures that the imprinted message remains readable even if there is a breeze, the bottom left corner of the product allows for some movement, which is ideal for capturing the attention of motorists and pedestrians.

Design Options Allow for Customization

Falcon Flags in Marietta GAAs you know, we firmly believe that customization is the key element for any successful marketing and branding campaign. If your signs look like everyone else’s, you will be hard-pressed to stand out; this is not the case with falcon flags.

  • Size. Choose a seven-foot or 13-foot display. While bigger is usually better, we have found that the larger size is ideal for outdoor venues, whereas the smaller products are suitable for trade shows and other indoor settings.
  • Material. A washable four-ounce polyester product allows for durability, movement, and high-resolution printing. Because we use a dye sublimation process to produce your images and lettering, the flag’s display does not scratch. To ensure that material does not tear even in stronger breezes, we reinforce the pole sleeve. Depending on your preference, we offer single-sided and double-sided imprints.
  • Installation. The majority of our clients like to use ground spikes. Doing so makes it possible to insert the products into the landscaping in front of your business. If this is not feasible, we suggest a cross base combined with a water containment system. This setup prevents accidental tipping and gives the flag a sturdy structure. While we do not recommend using these marketing items in high winds, they do have the ability to withstand 18-mile-per-hour wind speeds.
  • Shape. Granted, the form of the falcon flag is one of its reasons for success. That said, it is possible to add to its good looks with a partial contour cut of a product or logo display.

How to Order Falcon Flags in Marietta GA

Falcon Flags in Marietta GAOur graphic artists welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your advertising needs. To catch the eyes of consumers, we recommend a strong brand presentation in the form of your corporate colors. When combined with a display of your store’s name and logo, you may be able to alternate these setups with product presentations that we imprint on another set of flags. Doing so brands your business and advertises specific product lines. Call us today to set up a time to meet, and we will show you exactly what we mean.

Falcon Flags in Marietta GA

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team