Perforated window vinyl is a product that offers business owners a two-fold advantage.

  1. Advertise merchandise or services by using the glass panes of an office, storefront, or vehicle.
  2. Look outside via micro punctures that allow for the display of your information but also provide one-way visibility.

perforated window vinyl printingBecause our experts at the Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio specialize in perforated window vinyl printing, we frequently get questions about this material option. Here is what you need to know about advertising with these window signs.

Micro Punctures Work!

perforated window vinyl printingWhen our graphic artists design vehicle wraps, clients often like the idea of having the message continue across the rear window panels. But using regular (opaque) vinyl is not feasible because it would make it impossible for the driver to see out when backing up. The alternative is perforated vinyl. Tiny holes measuring around 1.5mm in diameter make up about 50 percent of the surface. When we imprint the message, those standing outside the vehicle only see the advertisement. The driver on the inside sees out through the mass of holes. However, you do not have to limit the use of this window product to vehicle glass; it works fantastic on storefront windows and office glass, too.

Customization Supports Branding and Marketing

perforated window vinyl printingThere are a number of ways that we can customize the product to suit your needs.

  • Contour cuts. If you are thinking of using the material for seasonal displays, we recommend featuring symbols of the time of year. For the winter holiday shopping season, you might commission graphics in the shapes of stars or bows; for back-to-school shoppers, the outlines of school buses or books make sense.
  • Color selections. Use bright colors. Darker colors tend to allow the illumination behind the perforated vinyl to make the interior of a vehicle or store somewhat visible to the consumer. This problem is rare with bold, bright color choices.
  • Size. Think big. Because you do not sacrifice the view outside, you have the opportunity to use the entirety of the window glass or go bigger still. For example, some property management companies have used perforated vinyl to wrap buildings with their advertising messages. For a storefront window, life-sized displays of customers enjoying the merchandise or services are now a real possibility.

Discussing Perforated Window Vinyl Printing with the Experts

perforated window vinyl printingContact our graphic artists to talk about the types of advertisements you want to present with window glass. Whether this glass is installed in your vehicle or part of your storefront’s façade, the micro punctures make the see-through window decals ideal for all of your marketing and branding needs. During a consultation, we discuss the size, color selection, shape, and message of your decals. At that time, we also integrate any artwork that you have on file.

Once you like what you see, we manufacture the products and set up a time for the installation. On that day, we prepare the glass surfaces for good adhesion. Next, we professionally install the products to ensure that the graphics look exactly like you envisioned. Call us today to get the process started!

perforated window vinyl printing

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team