Once you open the doors to your business, what type of signage do you need? You already know that you need a building sign and perhaps a monument marker. But did you also know that there are additional outdoor business sign ideas for Marietta GA, entrepreneurs that can help your company to stand out from the competition even more? What are your options?

Window Graphics Support the Building Sign’s Message and Highlight a Niche

Outdoor Business Sign Ideas We recommend repeating the look of the corporate lettering and logo display on the glass panes of your storefront or office. Doing so gives you the opportunity to present the branding and marketing messages to consumers who approach your building but have not taken in the lettering. By standing right in front of your venue, and seeing the graphics on the windows, these folks also establish name recognition and brand awareness. Take it a step further by mentioning and elaborating on your niche explanation. This step ensures that consumers connect your products with your name and logo presentation.

Door Signs Welcome Customers and Clients with Informative Displays and Branding

A “Now Open” sign invites the consumer. It welcomes shoppers and encourages folks to come in. Choose a small window poster that you attach with a suction cup. If your door does not have a glass panel, business clients have chosen door signs that feature a magnetic back for attaching to a metal door or a laminated poster to attach to a hook mounted on the door’s exterior. A small sandblasted HDU (high-density urethane) sign is another option.

Hours of Operation Signage Offers Information to Help Prospective Customers with Scheduling

Outdoor Business Sign Ideas
Vinyl lettering and numerals
make it possible to spell out your schedule. Alert consumers to your hours and days of operation. If someone visits your storefront or office after hours, this setup makes it possible for the prospective customer to schedule another visit. By working you into her or his schedule, you do not miss a sale. Expand on the information by also mentioning your website address, phone number, and social media handle to encourage online brand engagement.

Fence Signs Greet Consumers and Introduce a Business to Pedestrians and Motorists

Your fence is an ideal marketing surface. Aluminum or alumalite signage attracts attention with notices and advertising messages. Vinyl mesh banners feature sales messages that you can switch out as seasons and specials change.

A-frames Slow Down Foot Traffic and Provide a Customizable Marketing Opportunity

Outdoor Business Sign Ideas
The customized A-frame
is a classic example of interruption marketing. It slows down the flow of foot traffic and almost forces the consumer to engage with your brand. Add a contour cut element to the display for heightened visual interest. By the way, we can create signs that mimic the look of black boards, white boards, and even use graphics imitating chalk lettering.

Do You Need More Outdoor Business Sign Ideas for Marietta GA, Entrepreneurs?

When you are ready to make the most of your business location and reel in the foot traffic with signs that assist your building marker, contact our advertising sign specialists. We work with you to identify the right signage solutions and how to adapt them to your location. Moreover, we customize each product to be a reflection of your brand.

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Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team