"Customer Care," a 20x30-inch inspirational color poster photograph of two hands cradling a rose, created by the 31st Communications Squadron (CS), Visual Information, Aviano Air Base (AB), Italy.

Are you searching for a local sign company who specializes in wall graphics for businesses in the Smyrna, GA area?




Putting custom high resolution graphics on the walls in your offices, waiting areas and meeting rooms can be used to add a small accent and make a subtle statement. Or they can be used to make a giant statement by covering an entire wall with an image.

Wall graphics are great way to take boring, empty wall space and bring it to life. You can use your wall space for a variety of different applications. For one, a more visually appealing space typically makes for a more enjoyable work environment – and thus a happier employee. By simply adding visually appealing graphics to your walls, you can create a more positively motivated employee.

Wall graphics can be a fairly small investment that can lead to great improvements in efficiency among your employees. Things like mission statements and motivational quotes are some of the typical things that we install. If you would like something custom, or aren’t sure and would like some ideas on how wall graphics would be a great tool to motivate your employees, we would be happy to sit down with you to explore all of your options.

If you have a waiting area or lobby, your walls can be utilized for visual improvements as well as branding and marketing opportunities. You could feature a special promotion or testimonials from happy clients, so that your customers in your waiting area are seeing the products and services that you are promoting, as well as positive messages about your company from other people.

We are a full-service custom sign design, fabrication and installation company. We specialize in wall graphics as well as all other kinds of signs. If you have any questions about signs for your business, just give us a call.

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio – Smyrna, GA