Do you want your business to become more visible in and around Smyrna as well as nearby Atlanta? Do you want to increase brand awareness among your targeted demographic? Are you looking at a service territory that has too many blank spaces where you want to see confirmed customers of your company? If one or more of these statements is true, you need fleet lettering in Atlanta, GA.

Marketing Statistics are on Your Side

Fleet Graphics and Lettering in Atlanta GA

Before spending the money on graphics and lettering packages, you want to be confident that the return on investment is good. In fact, studies prove that fleet vehicles featuring advertisements for businesses are overall more successful than billboards. This advertising method is also cheaper when compared to newspaper ads and radio spots. The majority of prospective customers, who see your message, form a positive opinion of the company – even though they may have never heard of you before.

How to Select and Advantageous Design

Fleet Lettering in Atlanta GA

There is more to selecting your letters than just picking out some flat-cut vinyl with sticky backs.

  • Vehicle color vs. corporate colors. If your work truck is red and one of your corporate colors is white, you are in luck. There is plenty of contrast between the two tones. But if your truck is black and your corporate lettering is also black, you need to make a change. (It is possible to create black letters with thick white borders.) In some cases, your best bet may be the inclusion of the lettering in the design of a spot graphic.
  • Make and model. Size your letters so that drivers quickly read them across multiple highway lanes. Our technicians favor an installation location along the upper third of the vehicle because it makes visibility easy to achieve even if there are cars next to you.
  • Niche-specific graphics. Highlight the line of work you are in simply by displaying one or more images that consumers would associate with your niche.
  • Material choice. For the majority of letters and graphics, we use standard vinyl for the manufacture. When the upper third of the vehicle includes windows, our technicians will use a perforated plastic product that allows the driver to see outside while those on the outside take in the advertising message.

Understanding the Effectiveness of Fleet Graphics in Atlanta, GA

Fleet Lettering and Graphics in Atlanta

Since you see a higher return on investment when you have multiple vehicles treated with lettering and graphics packages, we suggest inviting our technicians to treat each car, truck, or van. Remember that we also work with motorized scooters, golf carts, and other conveyances.

Once the mobile marketing products are in place, they present your message to passersby and the motorists you encounter on the road around the clock. Always on, the messages communicate for the duration of the vinyl’s useful life, which is about five to seven years. Since this time span allows you to make a considerable impact, it pays to contact our pros to talk through your decision to incorporate a mobile marketing component in your advertising. We work with you to make sure that the impression you make is a good one. Contact us today to schedule your design consultation!

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Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team