Clear window graphics are quickly catching on as this year’s winter holiday retail advertising tool of choice. Although plenty of store owners also commission opaque decals, which have contributed to excellent foot traffic last winter, more and more of them recognize the opportunities this type of product brings to their storefronts.

Creating Eye-catchers for any Occasion

Clear Window GraphicsWith posters, banners, and perhaps also some wall displays already in position, now is the time to reel in the foot traffic. Few signage solutions are as persuasive in catching the interest of passerby as photos and cartoon style images featured on a business’ glass panes. But when you shake things up with clear versus standard vinyl, you can take the display to the next level.

  • Message emphasis. No longer hampered by the need for a color- coordinated visual background, retail operations can now emphasize the image that makes up the message.
  • Relaxed size concerns. Because opaque window graphics obstruct the view of the display, retailers routinely order smaller sizes. With the clear background, only the printed portion creates a visual obstruction. By factoring in empty spaces in planned window displays, it is finally possible to incorporate larger images.
  • More color options. Without the typically white vinyl background to worry about, graphics can now feature more intricate designs and color displays.

Is It Possible to Achieve the Same Appearance with Custom Cut Standard Vinyl?

Yes and no. For one or two images, the expense associated with the shape customization is negligible. But when you outfit a franchise and need hundreds of window graphics, the cost can become prohibitively high. Also, there is a good chance that some graphics simply look better when they display on a solid clear substrate.

What Can You do with Clear Window Graphics?

Clear Window GraphicsFor starters, consider the transformation of your glass panes into branding tools. By showing off your corporate name and logo combination, you introduce or reinforce the brand message of the store. Another reason why this product solution appeals to professionals in the retail industry has everything to do with the space you leave open. Since only the message now covers any product displays, there is more space for additional window graphics.

How to Combine Opaque and Clear Graphics

Clear Window GraphicsWe recommend choosing one-word messages for opaque window graphics. Examples include “sale,” “buy one get one,” or “limited time only.” When featuring these messages on solid backgrounds, they command more attention since they play opposite their clear background counterparts. Some retail clients have had excellent success with using one set of graphics as a window frame with seasonal images. Adding the other set of graphics to the mix creates a cohesive message that customers responded to.

Order Your Window Graphics for the Next Advertising Campaign Today

Discuss your advertising plans with our visual artists. We help you put together a message presentation that features your brand and draws attention to the products. If you are working on creating a seasonal display, our experts will assist you with hitting just the right notes. Call us today to schedule your design consultation.

Clear Window Graphics

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team