What do you want passersby to notice about your office or storefront? Do your windows currently encourage consumer interaction with your brand? In contrast, do your windows detract from your brand message? When you invest in budget-friendly window graphics and lettering in Smyrna, GA, you take full advantage of the display space the glass surfaces provide.

When Windows Detract from a Business

Vinyl Window Lettering in Smyrna GA

There are three times when windows do more harm than good for marketing your company.

  1. Outdated graphics. If already existing graphics or lettering products are past their useful lifespan, they may look faded, peel, or blister. In short, they look unattractive and may negatively affect your brand impression.
  2. Unattractive vistas. Do your windows allow visual access to the break or storage room? Do the backs of the shelves greet customers’ eyes? These unattractive vistas do not allow for any type of brand interaction.
  3. No vistas at all. Some businesses treat their glass panes with reflective coatings or coverings to keep the sunlight out. While this is an excellent idea to cut down on air-conditioning, it does nothing for your advertising.

Vinyl Window Graphics to Choose

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Perforated wraps are superior marketing tools for any of your storefront windows that currently do not hold any brand appeal. Instantly beautify your storefront setup with colorful, vibrant images that afford your customers a superior brand interaction. We recommend the use of perforated vinyl because it allows you to see outside while shoppers only see the images. We use this same technology for vehicle window graphics. Choose this product for long-term display.

Opaque graphics combine colors with messages. Whether you select customized shapes to support the logo design of your building signage or you opt for geometric shapes that display compelling sales terms such as “grand opening,” “half off,” or “sale,” these products get attention. Another option is the choice of transparent window graphics that do not present with the colorful background. Instead, the colors your shoppers see are the ones you picked out for the designs. Frosted graphics combine with etched lettering to create a sophisticated appearance that is suitable for retail as well as service establishments.

Letters Spells out Must-know Information

Vinyl Window Graphics and Lettering in Smyrna GA

Inform consumers of your company’s hours of operation, your contact information, and any other bits of must-know data they need. For example, repeat your business’ name and logo, which you most likely display on your building sign and then present on your lobby wall, too.

Offer a niche explanation to show how your business differentiates itself from others in the same niche. When professional affiliations are major selling points for your brand, do not hesitate to spell them out either on the doors to your establishment or the windows. For health care providers, it is always a good idea to name the biggest insurance companies they work with.

Buy Window Graphics and Lettering in Smyrna, GA

Contact us today to discuss the use of window graphics for your business. We work with you to put together a fully customized product package that stands out and gets noticed. In addition, our experts come to your location to install the graphics and lettering components.

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Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team