When outfitting your office with its signage, you completely transform a utilitarian space into a comfortable setting that inspires customers to do business with you. These signs must fit in with the interior décor you have chosen, the color palette your company uses, and the overall feel you seek to convey. At the same time, they have to stand out and encapsulate your brand message.

If you have ever visited a location where markers were treated as an afterthought, you know that this presentation easily falls flat. To prevent this from happening at your venue, we recommend investing in custom office signs as opposed to those you get from a big box office supply store. Because you have several options open to you, guiding the eye – and the opinion of the consumer – is possible.

Brushed Metal is a Favorite for Informational and Lobby Signs

Custom office signsSpell out your company’s name with brushed metal dimensional letters. They look fantastic against any wall backdrop, imbue the locale with a sense of style, and do not reflect the light even from direct illumination. The material is chic, contemporary, and bespeaks class. For financial and legal firms, metal is a perfect rendition of their durability and longevity brand focus. Use the material also to create signs that ask the client to take a seat, sign in, or otherwise participate in the overall check-in process.

Die-cut Vinyl Informs and Tells a Story

Custom office signsTo a lesser extent, it also functions as a lobby sign alternative, which is quickly catching on in popularity. For many companies, vinyl lettering is an ideal material to transform an odd space such as a long hallway or mid-sized lobby wall into a branding powerhouse. Tell the story of the company, show off your corporate motto, display quotes by the business’ founder, or simply explain the manufacturing process of your product.

Cast Metal Plaques for ADA Signs and Indoor as Well as Outdoor Signage Solutions

Custom office signsThe Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifies that acceptable room labeling and directional signs must feature high-contrast colors, easy to read fonts, raised elements, and Braille II dots. You can incorporate all these must-haves by opting for cast metal signs. Choose from the natural metal color against a black backdrop or opt for tones that are more in keeping with your corporate palette.

But ADA purposes are no longer the only reasons why business owners in the know are switching office signs from basic plastic to cast metal. For the company that utilizes its outdoor space for business purposes, too, this material presents the ideal solution for indoor to outdoor displays. You no longer have to put up with different manufacturing methods or material selections. Instead, cast metal plaques look fantastic in all settings.

Appeal to the Right Demographic with Original Wood Signage

Custom office signsAre you thinking of installing blade signs or other wayfinding markers that are a little out of the ordinary? For some companies, particularly those with an environmental focus, the use of wood can be a significant part of the brand expression. The call for wood signs – painted, sandblasted, or carved – is actually on the upswing.

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Custom office signs

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team