What types of companies need barricade graphics for retailers? For starters, there are new tenants of indoor malls. Readying a storefront for move-in is a messy undertaking, and mall management companies prefer to keep the dust and renovation debris out of sight. The tenant is frequently required to install plywood barricades that cover the doors and windows. Of course, having the raw wood show is just as unattractive. Selecting wall graphics to cover these surfaces is an excellent idea.

The other type of company in need of these products is the retailer who prepares a new property. Either you are taking over an existing empty store that needs extensive exterior construction, or you want to undertake widespread rebuilds inside and out, which turns the property into a building site. Rather than displaying the ongoing labor, install graphics along the construction fence that surrounds the property. What are your options?

Wall Wraps for Indoor Barricades

When you select a full wall wrap, you cover the entirety of the plywood wall that separates the consumer from the goings on inside your storefront. Typically, mall management companies prefer a complete covering but will frequently also allow 75-percent and 50-percent covers with a complementing paint-over for the remaining plywood. Combining paint and the vinyl material is possible in a variety of ways, either as a frame or as a separating agent. Our graphic artists can show you the various options that allow for the creation of eye-catching displays.

Fence Banners for Outdoor Barricades

Barricade graphics for retailersThe typical construction fence usually features mandated signage. Why not use it to your store’s advantage, too? Mesh vinyl banners feature vibrant colors and display your images and lettering. Because this banner material lets air pass through, there is no need for unsightly wind slits. Because we have outfitted our shop with the latest in large-format printing technology, we can create larger banners than you might think possible.

Advertise and Brand with Informative Displays

Barricade graphics for retailersIn addition to aesthetics, there are three reasons why contemporary retailers rely on graphics for any barricades they erect.

  1. Create a buzz. Feature your corporate colors, logo, and company name. As shoppers stroll past the barricade, they become familiar with your brand. Progressive displays, which start out with basic wraps but gradually grow as we add new elements at pre-defined intervals, are particularly successful at building excitement about your business.
  2. Advertise a business. Whether you are introducing a new brand to the local market for the first time, or you grow a franchise that already has some locations in the general area, advertise your information by presenting a name and product details.
  3. Inform shoppers. Ensure that customers know what you sell, when you plan to open, and what makes your brand different from the others that they already know. Promote your company, direct shoppers to visit your brand online, and suggest participation in social media contests for targeted demographics. Consider the display of QR (quick response) codes as part of your presentation.

When you are ready to add barricade graphics to your marketing repertoire before opening your new location, contact our visual artists to put together an attractive design.

Barricade graphics for retailers

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team