Joining the mobile marketing revolution with custom van graphics can take on the form of a full or partial wrap, a graphics and lettering package, or a lettering-only setup. But far too many business owners hesitate to go up against their closest competitors in this manner because of cost concerns. Back, when vehicle wraps and graphics first started to be “a thing,” they were expensive – like everything else that is a newcomer to the scene.

Since then, the costs of vinyl and ancillary products have come down. Design, manufacture, and install techniques improved. In short, you now have the opportunity to make a significant impression on your targeted demographic at a much-reduced cost. That said, there are still ways that you can lower the already favorable pricing for your setup even more. Here is how.

Do Not Skimp on the Design Consultation

Custom Van GraphicsUnless you are a graphic designer with an advertising background, work with our professionals when putting together the images’ appearances. There are three reasons why this is instrumental for the great look and lowered cost of the finished product.

  1. Focused message. Determining your message’s focus is vital for the creation of a product that hits all the right notes. If you make a mistake here, you pay for graphics that do not pull their weight. Sure, they might look nice, but when money is an issue, paying extra is never a good idea.
  2. Budget alignment. By understanding what you want the consumer to know about the company, our experts can align the intent with the available budget. You may be surprised to learn that some messages do better as two-quarter partial wraps than as three-quarter ones. (Our experts gladly show you why that is.)
  3. Incorporation of the factory paint job. Unless you decide on a full wrap, incorporating your van’s paint job becomes an integral part of the discussion. It needs to underscore the message and highlight the style elements. We help you choose the layout that best accomplishes this task.

Pick Design Elements that Matter to Your Targeted Demographic

Custom Van GraphicsIt is easy to look at another wrapped van and get graphics envy. The look and overall brand appeal may be spot on. However, copying the appearance does very little when you are in the roofing business, and the van you saw belonged to a medical supply company. What makes custom van graphics work is their focus on your business’ particular needs.

Custom Van GraphicsFor example, the display of a QR (quick response) code is excellent for the company with a strong online presence and perhaps a planned trade show appearance. If your business does not have a website and never participates on the trade show circuit, this element would be out of place. On the other hand, if you are having your van treated with an eye on transferring these graphics to a website you are in the process of having built, your business has an entirely different set of needs.

Call our experts today to learn how to save money and get hard-hitting van graphics that advertise and brand.

Custom Van Graphics

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team