Have you been tempted by the Siren’s song of do-it-yourself online banner design templates? They provide easy drag-and-drop features that promise you speed, convenience, and great results. But do they always deliver as promised? In fact, many of our clients agree that professional expertise during the banner designing process is something that no software package can imitate. Here is why.

Protection against Accidental Copyright or Trademark Infringement

Banner designGraphic designers in the sign business know the symbols, secondary signs, and similar artwork that large corporations and smaller members of the local business community use. Your idea of incorporating a nifty-looking style element in your banner’s makeup might have felt like an inspiration, but you may just be repeating something you saw in a magazine or while driving through town. Working with an expert helps protect you from accidentally stepping on corporate toes.

An Extra Set of Eyes Prevents Embarrassing Design Fails

Banner designFacebook shows plenty of memes that lampoon signage misspellings. Do not find yours among these lists. Sometimes, it is not even an unintentional slip of the keyboard but an unfortunate spacing between words that can result in unintended hilarity. Our graphic artists work with you to put together messages that stand out, grab the eye, and get the attention of consumers for all the right reasons.

Space, Focus, and Graphics Use Need a Professional Touch

Banner designWhen putting together a banner, there is more than just getting your message across. It needs to look neat and have a visual appeal. Our experts work with clients to create a product that advertises the event or special but does so within the confines of the medium. Here is what we mean.

  • Margins. Could you start your message immediately at the top left corner and have it reach all the way to the top right? Sure! However, would this kind of banner look good? Probably not. There needs to be a margin that may feature colorful shapes (or not) but should ideally not contain any lettering.
  • Graphics use. Have you ever looked at a sign or poster and noticed an image that jumped out at you? You recognized it from somewhere else, where a competitor was using the very same graphic to advertise a different business or product. Do not make the same mistake. Our experts can warn you away from selecting stock images that are getting too much play in the industry.
  • Harmonizing style elements with the message. If you want to advertise a time-sensitive event, select a font that is easy to read even for passersby in a rush or motorists. Pair the lettering with images that encapsulate the gist of your message or the need for timing. Conversely, when your message is one that pertains to a longer-running promotion, you might opt for a more stylish font to catch the eye of the shopper.

Get Help Today from Banner Design Experts

When you are ready to get out your message with a banner product, contact our graphic artists. We help you put together a product of any size for the right message and look. Call us today to get the project started.

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Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team