The impact of commercial fleet vehicle graphics for the greater Atlanta area is undeniable. You significantly broaden the reach of your company’s brand message and present your marketing information in a visually attractive setting. Moreover, you are not stuck with a stationary billboard or other advertising products that keep your message anchored to a possibly not very active display location. Rather, you take the marketing message to where your targeted demographics may be found. Doing so calls for the creation of a persuasive graphics package.

Go Big, Bold, and Bright

Commercial Fleet Vehicle Graphics for the Greater Atlanta AreaBright colors attract attention. Bold tones look fantastic during the evening hours as well as in the full sunshine. Because you have total control over the marketing message, we recommend starting with the selection of the color palette first to adapt the lettering to the presentations of the eye-catching graphics. Remember that it is the color and image display that initially catches the eye of consumers, not the lettering.

A full wrap is, of course, the best option, but you can have excellent success with a partial wrap or graphics package with lettering. Studies cited by 3M, the manufacturer of the vinyl we prefer for vehicle graphics, noted that 97 percent of polled respondents were able to remember a truck-mounted graphic ad while 96 percent suggested that fleet graphics had a more significant impact than billboards. It is hard to argue with the data.

Spelling out the Marketing and Branding Messages

Commercial Fleet Vehicle Graphics for the Greater Atlanta AreaWe have narrowed down the must-have information to four distinct groupings.

  1. Corporate information. Your company’s name, contact information, and website address should be easy to notice. We recommend making them the focal point of the product. While you might be able to move a website address to the bumper area or near the running board of a car, do not separate the name, logo, and phone number.
  2. Niche explanation. Spell out what you do. You would be surprised to learn how many companies feature their corporate information but give no hint of their fields. When the name does not offer any clues, the consumers will not form a connection of any type with the brand. We recommend highlighting your areas of business as well as breaking down commercial and residential services.
  3. Business differentiation. What sets you apart from your competitors? Something as simple as offering free estimates, scheduling weekend appointments, and participating in rebate programs can be instrumental in having a prospective client call you rather than the competition.
  4. Special offers. Some business owners extend open-ended offers such as $100 off for new customers, loyalty discounts for existing clients, or seasonal specials. If you do so, we recommend showing this information as part of your fleet graphics package. When the consumer sees this information broadcast repeatedly, it is easy to generate the buy-in.

Do You Need Commercial Fleet Vehicle Graphics for the Greater Atlanta Area?

Commercial Fleet Vehicle Graphics for the Greater Atlanta AreaContact our graphic artists to discuss your plans. We assist you with the design of the product, handle the manufacture, and install the images. Call us today to get started on your project!

Commercial Fleet Vehicle Graphics for the Greater Atlanta Area

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team