Have you added a new SUV or crossover utility vehicle to your fleet? Maybe you are an entrepreneur who is transporting crew members and supplies with the same vehicle you use to connect with customers requesting bids. Did you know that you could generate sales lead with SUV wraps? That’s right. Simply by driving around town while doing business, a vehicle wrap becomes an effective tool in finding prospective new clients. How does it work?

Why Mobile Marketing Works

SUV WrapsWe have previously mentioned the studies that show, dollar for dollar, how a graphics package is a less expensive advertising tool than newspaper ads, radio spots, and even TV commercials. Moreover, we discussed how polled respondents reacted to a business that used mobile marketing. Building on this goodwill with the right style elements is a snap. In fact, it is fair to say that the combination of visually stunning graphics, the consumer’s response to the ad’s presence, and the incorporation of lead-generating components quickly turn a mobile marketing device into an around-the-clock sales clerk.

Add These Lead Generators to a Wrap

SUV WrapsWhat are the elements that persuade the prospective customer to contact you?

  • Multiple avenues of communication. Some folks like to call and chat with a contractor or service provider. Others prefer a more remote way of initial contact by emailing. Still others want to gauge your way of doing business by getting a hold of you via social media. Offer multiple contact opportunities to allow everyone access to your company.
  • Highlight your brand. The gut-level buy-in has the potential to create more leads than the standard “buy me” message. What sets your business apart from others in the niche? Express this information with graphics and a few well-chosen terms. Examples might include your eco-friendly business practices, round-the-clock customer service, or made-in-America parts.
  • Add a catchphrase. If you have been in business for a while, you probably already have a jingle or phrase you use in online or print ads. If you do not, now is a good time to come up with one. It should encapsulate your brand message and become inexorably connected to your name.
  • Feature a QR code. The quick response (QR) code is a fantastic tool to encourage the consumer to engage with your brand online. Link it to a web page that offers a deep discount or special when mentioning the vehicle wrap. While on the web page, encourage the lead to sign up for newsletters to receive additional offers.

Support the mobile marketing work you are doing by enlisting the help of secondary signage solutions when on a job site. Something as simple as a lawn sign – even if you only display it for 15 minutes at a site – can have an impact on passersby.

Learn More about SUV Wraps by Talking to the Experts

SUV WrapsIf you have been thinking of investing in a vehicle graphics package, but you still have to make the final decision, discuss your plans with our vehicle wrap experts. We assist you with the design, graphics selection, and lettering options. Our pros help you choose a layout and show you what the finished product would look like before you place your order.

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Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team