The banner sign is the ideal attention getter. Consumers expect to read messages about deals that are too good to last long. Retailers routinely rely on this product to communicate special events and the arrival of sought-after products. What do you need to know about putting together the best banners in Atlanta GA?

Don’t Design for Eye Height

banners in Atlanta GAOur installers mount the typical banner above an entryway, over shelves, between light poles with plenty of room for cars to pass underneath, and above streets. In short, the consumer looks up when reading the sign. There are three common mistakes business owners make when putting together the look for this signage.

  1. Small fonts. Can the customer read the text from ten to 20 feet away? If not, the font is too small.
  2. Low-quality images. Fuzzy images mar the appearance of any banner. But when a shopper sees the product from a distance, less than perfect graphics can make it difficult to figure out what you are advertising.
  3. Blending colors. Contrasting colors are always the best choice. If necessary, choose a white or black background color to make the tones of your announcement pop.

At eye height, the size of the font and even the closeness of hues are fine; but when you consider that the majority of customers look at the banner from across a room or street, selecting the right size and crisp features are necessary.

Don’t Overdo the Details

banners in Atlanta GANo matter how large the banner might be that you intend to order for your Atlanta storefront or event venue, remember that members of your targeted demographic see it from a distance. Moreover, when you try to appeal to motorists, you only have split seconds to get your message across to the driver. If you present too many details, images, style elements, and decorative touches, your core message gets lost. It is tempting to add just one more item here or there; resist the temptation!

Do Work with an Expert Graphic Designer to Put Together Banners in Atlanta GA

banners in Atlanta GAWhen clients visit our shop for a design consultation, we gladly incorporate their drawings and graphics into the banner creation. However, there are times when we suggest putting on the brakes and rethinking the design. At that point, we usually ask some questions.

  • What is your core message? We recommend featuring only one thought per banner. Whether you want to create brand awareness, generate name recognition, or help shoppers to associate a particular product with your company, we help you narrow down the scope of the presentation.
  • Who is your targeted audience? It makes sense to approach the design of a seasonal advertisement differently than the creation of a repeated special offer. Reel in holiday shoppers, for example, and buyers in search of a good deal throughout the year with customized approaches.
  • What do you want consumers to remember? Some clients want their logo to be the most memorable part of a banner displays. Others prefer the combination of the company’s name and a co-branded image of a manufacturer’s symbol. We ensure that the intended tenor of the message is easy to recognize for consumers.

In fact, when you call us today to set up your client consultation, we can show you exactly what we mean!

banners in Atlanta GA

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team