A point of purchase (POP) sign is suitable for all types of retail settings. Whether you sell bathtubs, soft drinks, or any other kind of consumer good, this signage solution succeeds in promoting an impulse buy, which can make any marketing campaign even more profitable for your company. What do you need to know about customized point of purchase displays today?

What Makes POP Signage so Effective?

Customized Point of Purchase DisplaysIn simplest terms, a point of purchase sign displays right next to the products that you advertise. For example, a soft drink sign would go right next to the bottle shelf, on top of the soda-dispensing machine, or hang above the section of your store that is devoted to this merchandise. There, the sign fulfills one or more of three distinct tasks.

  1. Introduce product features. Do not rely on the product packaging to do all the talking for you. Instead, provide a few talking points that resonate with your targeted demographic. Examples of terms you might include are “fresh,” “refreshing,” or “sewn by hand.”
  2. Highlight savings. When you have added a product in your regular weekly mailer or on an online specials page, let the POP display remind shoppers that this is the item they want to check out first. Spell out the price and then name the savings.
  3. Suggest product pairings. Another approach to take is the product pairing. Show images of a nearby product that would go well with the item you are advertising. For example, a mattress you are featuring this week would go well with a set of sheets that you also offer on sale.

Choosing Customized Point of Purchase Displays

Customized Point of Purchase DisplaysWith the right POP setup, you can feature multiple displays that appeal to consumers in a different manner.

  • Hanging banners. Combine the brand’s name with its tagline and present it above the shelves where you stock the product. Doing so also allows you to co-brand with the manufacturer, which heightens product awareness among shoppers.
  • Poster frame inserts. When you outfit your shelves with changeable frames, you can update the message as quickly as inserting a new poster. Display the product in vibrant colors and blow up its features to capture the interest of shoppers.
  • Wall graphics. For a longer-term point of purchase display, we recommend the investment in targeted wall graphics. They allow you to let your brand message shine through while advertising a product in the process. Our clients frequently choose this approach for high-ticket items or to call attention to a department where they regularly put merchandise on sale. Temporary wall graphics easily augment a more permanent mural presentation.

POP Displays Work!

Customized Point of Purchase DisplaysCiting a Brigham Young University study, The Balance experts noted that retail shelves with POP signs resulted in 20 percent more sales than those shelves that did not feature this signage solution. Add to this the well-known fact that impulse buys can make up as much as 70 percent of a customer’s purchase while shopping at your store, and it makes sense that this is one signage solution that deserves a second look. Call the experts at the Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio today to learn more about adding this signage to your business location.

Customized Point of Purchase Displays

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team