Products: Vehicle Graphics, vehicle decals, vehicle wraps, and trailer signs


Location: Smyrna, Georgia



There are many options in the sign industry when choosing the right products to compliment your advertising goals. While most of the signage that is produced can be customized, and altered to suit your specific needs, typically it is stationary and targeted to the audience of the intended area only.  Mobile puts your message on the move and is one of the fastest growing forms of advertisement in the business!


Vehicle graphics, decals, and wraps are highly customizable, and offer a vibrant impression to the public. With each trip made, your mobile marketing tool will leave a memorable mark with a new set of prospective consumers. Even though this advertising is most often used with delivery services, and service industries like contractors, plumbers, electricians, landscaping companies, and handymen, it is gaining in popularity with additional types of businesses and organizations including restaurants, schools, churches and banks to name a few.


When considering the sign option of a vehicle graphic, decal or wrap, you have to think about the details you are looking for in a marketing tool. If you want a temporary sign, then short term cling signs are the best way to go. They can broadcast your business during working hours, and be removed for personal use at night. IMG_1487If you are opting for a more permanent solution to your marketing needs, then a wrap, or decal are great choices!


Every make and model of vehicle has different shapes and contours that need to be taken into account when constructing your wrap. After your vehicle is properly measured, we have the latest in printing equipment and software to fabricate a signature look for every client. This can include photographs, high resolution images, brand logos, and more. Contact one of our experts at Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio, and we will begin planning a tailored graphics package that will be cohesive with your business’s aesthetic, and brand!


In the images above you will see great examples of custom vehicle wraps. They are bold in their delivery of the information intended, and offer a powerful visual statement to attract attention. Choose from custom color combinations, bold lettering, and utilize our long lasting components with your custom vehicle graphic, decal, or wrap investment today!


At Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio, we are your one stop shop for all your sign and graphics needs! Our professionals will assist in making the right choices to deliver a custom made vehicle wrap that effectively delivers the results you are looking for. We assess your marketing aspirations, and develop a  personalized sign solution that meets those needs head on! We are located in Smyrna, Georgia, and we service the surrounding areas. Reach out to us today at (770) 376-7000, and we will plan a tailor made vehicle graphic package that will produce the impact your business deserves!