Sidewalk advertising with custom A-frame signs targets foot traffic that passes by your business. Because it is possible to display targeted marketing messages on both sides of the frame setup, you reach the maximum number of shoppers with your ads. How can you use this product to your advantage during the holiday shopping season and beyond?

Durable for Outdoor Use Day after Day

Custom A-frame SignsDo not leave your business advertising in the greater Atlanta area to chance. A durable signage product should handle direct sunlight exposure, freezing rain, and the occasional gust of wind. For this reason, we suggest three distinct types of A-frames.

  1. Plastic. A conventional plastic A-frame presents with a sturdy construction that easily handles a few bumps along the way. Choose one with a custom imprint of your company’s name and logo. Another option is the use of a product with a maximized display surface for inserts. We would then include your brand information on the insert itself.
  2. Pressure-treated wood. When you prefer a more traditional chalkboard look, we suggest the use of press-treated, stained wood for the assembly. It imbues the A-frame with an old-world appeal that will not be lost on your targeted audience.
  3. Weighted base plastic. When you are concerned about wind gusts and stability, we suggest the display of a plastic sign with a weighted base. Filled with sand or water, this kind of sign stays right where you put it.

How to Display Your Advertising Message

Custom A-frame SignsWhen working with clients in the greater Atlanta area, we have noticed an appreciation for imprinted sign panels. In this scenario, our client asks to have the advertising information be part of the sign’s makeup itself. For example, if you operate a dentist’s office, you may not have a lot of changing information. Use the A-frame as a combination of wayfinding sign (with an arrow to point toward your entrance) and marketing tool to display the company’s name, location, and contact information.

Some business clients like to add a 3D component by including a contour-cut style element such as a pointing finger instead of an arrow. If you prefer to feature messages that change with the seasons or your advertised specials, you have additional choices. For example, a chalkboard is suitable for up-to-the-minute deals and specials. If you plan your sales promotions in advance, we can print panels for the sandwich board that you can then switch out as needed. When you pick out a sign with insert pockets, sliding in these products is a snap.

How to Order Custom A-frame Signs

Custom A-frame SignsWhen you look around, you notice that a broad range of business owners is already taking advantage of this signage solution. Examples include companies in the hospitality industry, financial sector, service providers, and retailers – to name a few. Contact our experts today to discuss your vision for this versatile advertising tool. Do you prefer a double-sided display with imprinted information or do you like the freedom of changing the message as needed? We gladly adjust the design of your sidewalk sign accordingly.

Custom A-frame Signs

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team