In the past, a corporate mission statement would feature front and center in the senior partner’s office, engraved on an etched metal plaque. But contemporary business owners are moving away from this setup. Instead, they have discovered that the display of mottos, mission statements, and even founders’ quotes can have a profound impact on clients, customers, investors, and employees alike. Because this message is an integral part of your corporate brand, it would make sense to feature it with wall graphics in Smyrna GA, venues.

Displaying the “Why” behind the “What”

Wall Graphics in Smyrna GAWhy do you put certain policies into place? Why do you insist on concrete quality control steps? How do you want the consumer to experience your business’ brand? The “what” is your set of day-to-day operations. The “why” would be your mission. Add creativity to the mix to create a unique presentation your client can buy into.

Mixing and Matching Lettering and Graphics? We Do That!

Wall Graphics in Smyrna GAFor a larger wall and a shorter mission statement, we recommend the presentation of the company’s founder, some quotes, and photos with vinyl graphics. If your business’ founding dates back a long time, we can keep the images in sepia tones. Next, we would add the mission statement as dimensional letters featuring PVC, sign foam, or acrylic.

Highlight your corporate brand with a mission statement you place as lettering behind the receptionist’s desk. Use the same font you rely on for your other signage needs. Add an image of the corporate logo as well. Although you could select a corporate color for the presentation, consider that you need to feature a tone that provides the highest level of visual contrast from the wall backdrop. If this is not your typical color, white or black may be ideal.

Picking an unusual feature display is possible with oversized letters that wrap around corners and may even stray partially onto the ceiling or floor. Our experts readily adapt the vinyl we use for the presentation as needed. Moreover, reflective vinyl or even metallic products can make a fantastic impression in the right setting. Obviously, it depends in large part on your overall corporate atmosphere if this level of innovation and creativity is appropriate.

Some clients have had excellent success with presenting a motto not as a collection of sentences but as a word cloud. In the strictest sense, this representation would require word frequency measurements, but you can just as easily pick and choose the nouns and verbs you want to see added to the mix. In fact, this approach lets you mix and match colors, fonts, sizes, and other display style elements so that you fill up an entire wall.

Discussing Vinyl Lettering and Wall Graphics in Smyrna GA, with the Experts

Wall Graphics in Smyrna GAWhen you are ready to add the branding component of a mission statement wall graphic to your space, contact the business signage experts at the Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio. We serve the business communities in and around Smyrna, Marietta, and the greater Atlanta area. Call us today, and we can schedule a design consultation right away!

Wall Graphics in Smyrna GA

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team