Heavy-duty vehicles come with a broad range of functions. Compaction machines, rough terrain forklifts, dump trucks, excavators, wheel loaders, and trailers are just a few examples of construction equipment. Decals, stickers, and lettering make it possible for your business to display its brand message anywhere the machines travel to do work. How does this benefit your company?

Understand the Size of the Audience

Construction equipment decals stickersIf you have held back on ordering vehicle graphics for construction site equipment, you might have rationalized doing so because only workers and competitors would see your message. But is this the truth? In fact, it is not. Your real audience is far larger than trade insiders.

  • Delivery. You deliver the vehicles to the construction site. Anyone on the road on that day will see your equipment and take in its brand message. The same applies to the day of pickup.
  • Road use. There are times when street-legal equipment travels on the road. Picking up supplies, hauling soil, and delivering concrete are just a few of the functions the vehicles undertake. Since they drive on the streets, plenty of folks see the message.
  • Targeted brand display. Even on the job site, the brand message is vital. Granted, the audience there is limited, but it is also targeted. Architects, site managers, and independent contractors interact with your workers and equipment. When your vehicles prove to be reliable and without malfunctions, you make an impression on everyone who values an on-time approach to construction. Next time around, an architect may request you to handle the job simply because your construction equipment did not break down.

High Adhesive Graphics and Lettering

vehicle wraps and graphics statistics for AtlantaBecause the machines experience plenty of abuse, standard vehicle graphics and wraps do not usually work well. In fact, the typical design approach we would take for this type of advertising medium does not apply here. Instead, your brand message benefits from heavy-duty decals and stickers with a special adhesive. Typically, this substance will keep the graphics in place for the duration of their useful lives. It handles heat, cold, direct sunlight, prolonged exposure to water, and anything else your equipment endures on a construction site.

We use a four-color process with fade and abrasion resistant UV inks. A laminate adds a further layer of protection. When choosing your message, we suggest keeping it simple. Display your company’s name and its logo. A phone number or website address is also a good idea. Because most folks keep a healthy distance between construction equipment and themselves, we recommend going big when opting for the graphics. Since you have cut down on the text and information you display, going up in size should not be a problem.

Placing the Order

Construction equipment decals stickersCall us to learn more about construction equipment decals, stickers, and lettering. Find out how you can join the mobile marketing revolution even if your vehicles primarily operate at confined work sites and only rarely hit the open road. Our graphic artists gladly show you examples of how the addition of your company’s name and symbol can transform a generic bit of machinery into a brand message that identifies your firm.

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Construction equipment decals stickers

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team