The Small Business Administration warns that employers must post a number of workplace posters to comply with the rules set forth by the Department of Labor. Examples include information about the Family and Medical Leave Act as well as Fair Labor Standards Acts details. Although you see plenty of these posters taped or tacked to the walls of break rooms, there are better ways to comply and make a style statement. Cases in point are DOL display boards in Marietta GA, business settings.

Curved Telescopic Banner Display Brings Style to a Break Room

DOL Display Boards in Marietta GACould you just order a retractable banner stand? Sure! But why not take advantage of all that the curved telescopic model has to offer? We mount the DOL posters with Velcro for easy presentation.

  • Height adjustment. The number of signs the law requires you to display may change. Having added space simply by adjusting the height of the banner stand saves you money when that happens. At a pre-defined width of 94.5 inches and adjustable height range from 33 inches to 85 inches, the product fits neatly into a corner or centered at a focal wall.
  • Graphic design. Present your corporate color palette as the backdrop to the poster displays. In the alternative, consider the imprint of your name and logo in the style of a step and repeat banner.
  • Elegant presentation. The product’s curvature makes it an ideal addition to the corner of a room. Integrate it with the employee’s lounge board or announcements area.

Tabletop Folding Panels Fit Perfectly on an Even Surface

DOL Display Boards in Marietta GACombine the folding panel display with a table setup that features brochures detailing available benefits, information about training opportunities, and announcements of open positions. Choose a smooth or ribbed fabric in a color that represents your corporate hues. This display setup is an excellent option when your employees report to different locations each day or week, and you need to have DOL posters on display (by law) at that venue. We secure them with Velcro to the material, which makes folding and unfolding the panels a snap whenever it is time to move it to a different place.

Branded DOL Display Boards Allow for Employee Buy-in

DOL Display Boards in Marietta GAThe boards are not just superb as wayfinding signage. When you select the sizes that suit the posters’ setups, you have the option of creating a professional appearance on the wall with a uniform look. When clients or investors frequently pass by the area where you place the posters, it makes sense to opt not just for great looks but also to include your marketing and branding information. Choose one board to feature an image of the corporate logo. Next, group the poster display boards around it.

Placing an Order for DOL Display Boards in Marietta GA

Contact our sign display specialists to talk about the best presentation options for the legally mandated posters. We help you identify locations that comply with the law. Moreover, our experts assist you with the setup of display boards that do not mar the appearance of a break room but even there allow for the presentation of your brand message.

When you call us today, we can schedule a design consultation right away!

DOL Display Boards in Marietta GA

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team