When clients contact the pros at the Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio to discuss the uses for retractable banners in Smyrna, Georgia, they usually envision trade show displays. After all, these products are among the most popular signage solutions for those preparing their booths for expos, trade shows, and similar events. That said, there are plenty of other uses that this product brings to the table.

Corporate Events: Wayfinding and Branding

Retractable Banner Stands in Smyrna GA

Whether your company hosts an annual event recognizing top performers in the organization, or you have taken charge of planning the first corporate event after a recent merger or buy-out, retractable banners are highly versatile displays.

  • Directional assistance. Imprint retractable banners with directions to the various meeting areas, breakout rooms, sessions, and social gatherings that may be part of the event. Other displays present a schedule. Each product features a corporate logo and name; along with the use of the business’ colors, the products repeat the brand message while assisting with wayfinding.
  • Brand presentation. For events taking place at public venues, consider that the hosting locale has plenty of label displays on hand. To ensure that your company gets top billing, it makes sense to bring some signs along for the display of corporate logos.

Lobbies: Informative Displays for Marketing and Branding

Trade Show Banner Stands Smyrna GA

Banks, physicians, and educational institutions offer a broad range of programs that are important to a variety of demographics. By providing brochures and similar informative materials, they succeed in generating interest among likely customers or clients. Presenting these pamphlets and, in fact, alerting a visitor to their availability is a snap when using retractable banners and stands. Choosing a setup that allows for a two-sided message display is ideal. It allows you to address two different demographics and catch the eyes of consumers from various directions within your lobby. Flank the banner stands with tables or branded brochure holders.

Fairs and Fundraisers: Backdrop Presentations and Donor Recognition

Step and repeat banners Smyrna GA

Some retractable banner stands reach heights of 92 inches and allow for display widths of up to 60 inches. This setup is an ideal display for step and repeat banners. Familiar sights at fundraisers, expos and donor-supported fairs, as well as at similar community events, these retractable banners present the perfect backdrop for photos. They feature the names and logos of corporate donors. By recognizing these contributors, the organization encourages new supporters to sign up. When celebrity attendees or local politicians have their pictures taken against the banner background, the logos show up in newsprint and on websites.

Buying Retractable Banners

Smyrna GA Retractable Banner Stands

Ordering these products is simple. Work with our experts to put together a look that shows off your corporate colors, symbols, name, and other identifying information that defines the brand. Select the right banner size for your needs and choose a one or two-sided display stand—the choice is yours. Our graphics artists serve members of the business communities in and around Smyrna, Marietta, and the Metro Atlanta area. Contact us today to schedule your design consultation.

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Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team