The Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio specializes in the design, manufacturing, and installation of truck wraps in the greater Atlanta area. Contractors and freight operators routinely entrust our experts with their fleets and stand-alone vehicles. What helps us to stand out?

Expert Designs for all Truck Types

Truck wraps in the greater Atlanta areaWhether you use a box truck for a plumbing business or a pick-up truck for a contracting company, we can wrap it. We understand the challenges associated with rivets and know how to select the wrapping material that makes the difference in creating a great-looking product and one that leads to only a fair result. Because so many others in the business try to streamline processes to save time and labor, which saves money, you may have noticed that some treated delivery trucks fail to impress. We champion the custom creation process from start to finish. When you talk to our graphic artists about the design of a vehicle package, you do not get someone else’s ideas. You get a look that is as unique as your business.

We Welcome Unusual Vehicles

Truck wraps in the greater Atlanta areaPeek into our bay on any given day, and you might notice an odd assortment of SUVs, cars, trucks, and occasionally construction equipment and trailers. Specializing in commercial vehicle wraps means that we do not turn away any conveyance you use in business. Case in point is the airport “truck” that needs to be treated. If you use the vehicle to go about your daily tasks, we will wrap it.

Multiple Wrap Product Options

Truck wraps in the greater Atlanta areaOne size does not fit all. This adage is true in a broad range of settings and most certainly in the truck wrap business. For this reason, we put together a vehicle graphics treatment that is right for your exclusive circumstances.

  • Full wrap. The full wrap allows you to transform the exterior of the vehicle into a billboard. Every square inch, except for the windows, features your marketing message. Combine colorful style elements with eye-catching phrases and must know information. Reminding the consumer of your jingle is particularly effective.
  • Partial wraps. Choose a three-quarter option when you would like us to make the truck’s paint job flow almost organically into the wrap’s design. We cover 75 percent of the vehicle. A half wrap covers 50 percent. And, as you might imagine, a quarter wrap will take up 25 percent of your truck’s surface. The trick here is to let the design flow and incorporate the paint job rather than coming to a jarring stop.
  • Perforated vinyl window graphics. Although technically and add-on, we recognize the rear window covers as an integral part of a well-designed and executed wrap product. When you consider that this vinyl addition allows the marketing message to continue rather than cut off at the place where the glass begins, it makes sense to include it. Choose a full cover or opt for the use of perforated vinyl lettering that allows your driver to see outside without obstruction.

Now that you know why we are the local go-to expert for truck wraps in the greater Atlanta area, contact our specialists to schedule a design appointment!

Truck wraps in the greater Atlanta area

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team