Are you still looking for some last-minute trade show display ideas? Unless you can say unequivocally that money is no object, you probably also have a tight budget to work with. We have found that our clients have had excellent success with their displays when they focus on color play. In fact, color is a determining factor in whether your presentation hits all the right notes or falls flat. Let us show you how to incorporate it into the design of inexpensive signage solutions that are ideal for your next show.

Working with Our Graphic Design Specialist Takes Guesswork out of Designs

Trade Show Display Ideas


First things first: if you want to go cheap, do not skimp on the consultation appointment with our graphic designer. Could you put together something on the back of a napkin? Sure. But why run the risk of showing up with mismatched components? In fact, our artists help you to save money by pointing out areas where you may not need a secondary signage product as long as your color play is spot on.

Table Throws Bring Your Corporate Colors to the Mix

Trade Show Display IdeasTable throws and runners are among the least expensive trade show display products you can invest in. The rickety tables the venue provides are not particularly good looking. Covering them with a throw makes sense. Sure, the guest services team gladly gives you table covers, but they carry the management company’s imprint. Do you want to advertise for them? Bring along your product that features your background color with printed name and logo. Another option is the white cloth with imprinted images that combine colorful eye candy with branding messages.

Speaking of Colors, Do Yours Match?

Trade Show Display IdeasNothing is more frustrating (visually) than trade show presentations that just do not match. The colors are off, sometimes by a minor tone, and the fonts vary. This setup is a classic example of a booth presentation that grew over the years but features the work of multiple printers. Instead showing up with a hodgepodge of colors and letters, why not have every aspect of the presentation match perfectly? Even if you already have a setup that someone else put together, we can match the colors and fonts completely.

What about the Floor?

Trade Show Display IdeasOne of the most frequently overlooked branding displays is the floor. No, really! You could keep the ground the same as what the expo hall provides. However, when you look around and see what the professionals in the know will do, you cannot help but be amazed at the variety of floor coverings. There are hardwood and tile floors, shiny surfaces, rugs, and carpeting. When you are on a tight budget and need cheap trade show display ideas, think floor coverings. For larger booths, in particular, a brand color in this setting makes a huge difference. Add floor stickers to the mix, and you might even be able to show off some new products or services!

If we have piqued your interest in finding out more about inexpensive displays that focus on colors as a primary marketing and branding means, contact our experts today!

Trade Show Display Ideas

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team