Famous for its office towers and retail opportunities, Cumberland draws many consumers from nearby Atlanta. Standing out and impressing these prospective business clients and customers will call for more than just superior customer service and products. You also need the signage to attract their attention. Possible signs to do just that are fabric LED light box displays in Cumberland GA. What can you do with them?

Understanding the Technology

Fabric LED Light Box Displays in Cumberland GAThe products feature light box technology with secure stands. They allow for double-sided presentations, which makes them ideally suited for a variety of applications. Putting together the frame is as simple as snapping pieces in place and securing the parts with screws. Illumination comes from rows of LEDs that attach to the frame’s interior. Adding the fabric graphics is easy. Push the material into grooves to cover the framing. Tabs hold it in place to prevent slipping. Plug in the sign and present consumers with a softly illuminated message that brings graphics to life.

Point of Purchase (POP) Signs in a Retail Setting

Fabric LED Light Box Displays in Cumberland GAPOP signage is instrumental in helping shoppers consider a product pairing. For the retailer, it may mean income from an upsell. The customer likes the signs because they provide added information on how to enjoy the purchase even more. During the winter holiday gift-giving season, in particular, these signs are tremendously helpful for buyers who may not necessarily know how to pair their purchases to heighten a gift recipient’s enjoyment of an item. There are broad ranges of sizes that accommodate POP uses around your storefront.

Trade Show Banner Stand Replacements

Fabric LED Light Box Displays in Cumberland GAIf you want something that gets a little more attention at your next trade show appearance, consider replacing some of your traditional banner stands with this illuminated signage option. We recommend taller products, such as those that measure up to 71.12 inches in height. Of course, you could still go taller than that. Consider also that the built-in illumination makes it possible to present product images in the most enticing way. Thus, if you are planning to feature photos of your product, this signage solution is the way to go.

Graphics Backdrop for Corporate Events

For the backdrop of a corporate event, you could pick a standard vinyl banner or a combination of banners and banner stands. But if you want to impress attendees, we recommend a product that presents LED illumination for the corporate marketing and branding messages. A wall-long setup measures 354.25 inches in width and 94.38 inches in height. The product is ideal for a 30-foot span, which suits the majority of meeting venues, ballrooms, and even individual breakout rooms. If you plan to place the product against a wall, you do not need the dual display option.

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Have we piqued your interest in a signage solution that is quickly catching on as this season’s hottest product? Can you envision what your advertising and branding messages would look like when displayed with this technology?

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Fabric LED Light Box Displays in Cumberland GA

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team