Creating your brand is only half of the equation. Communicating it to the consumer and having it become a contender in the local business community is the other half. One trend that you currently see developing is the installation of matching building and lobby signs in Marietta GA. In other words, a client who orders a set of dimensional letters for the building’s front will request an identical set, scaled down, for installation in the lobby area.

Why Matching Signage Makes Sense

Building and Lobby Signs in Marietta GAIt frustrates consumers when they cannot find a business. They may have an address and perhaps even GPS directions, but an obscured sign – hidden behind foliage or positioned awkwardly for those arriving from a particular direction – makes it almost impossible to locate the venue. Sometimes, this frustration stems from the fact that even though a sign is in place, it looks nothing like what the customer expected.

You frequently see this when a company undergoes a re-branding and fails to make the alterations quickly. Another scenario involves the new business that still relies on temporary signage to bring in foot traffic rather than featuring a sign in keeping with its online rendition of the company’s name and logo presentation. By matching your exterior sign to a lobby marker (or vice versa), you achieve a harmonious look that catches the eye of the person approaching your business from the exterior of the office or from within an office building or shopping area itself.

For example, a sign that features a board with dimensional letters on the façade is easy to replicate in the same way on the interior. If the business owner omits the board and only features dimensional letters, you might imitate the look or opt for a transparent acrylic board with an imprinted vinyl overlay that creates a virtually identical look. The latter is an excellent option for the venue with limited wall space that would make dimensional letters look too large.

Taking it to the Next Level with Window and Vehicle Graphics

Building and Lobby Signs in Marietta GATo make this method of brand-building even more effective, we recommend displaying a copy of your building’s sign – in the form of a window graphic – on your glass doors or window panels. Include the lettering in its font and color. From there, repeat the presentation on a vehicle with lettering and graphics. Going this route is an excellent method for including mobile marketing in your brand-building efforts. Because you are introducing and reinforcing the brand message via multiple interior and exterior signage products, you compound awareness of your message but also aid with the creation of name recognition and product knowledge.

Order Building and Lobby Signs in Marietta, GA

Building and Lobby Signs in Marietta GAIf we have piqued your interest in getting on the cutting edge of signage innovation for your brand-building efforts, discuss your questions with our business sign professionals. We help you think through an approach that puts your brand message at the forefront of any marker product you present on and off site.

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Building and Lobby Signs in Marietta GA

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team