When was the last time you visited a trade show as an attendee? If it has been a while, take a trip down memory lane. Can you recall the three-ring circuses that many trade show displays have become? Lacking in substance, some presenters have replaced information and talking points with flashy signs. Interestingly, you can work this hubbub to your advantage; and here is how.

Behind the Definition: Understanding the Finer Points of Brand Engagement

Trade Show DisplaysAny scholarly business textbook will define brand engagement as the formation of a bond between a consumer and the colors as well as shapes that make up the face of a corporate brand. In reality, the process is much deeper. During the times that we have attended and presented at trade shows, we have learned that brand engagement happens on a visceral level. It involves the attitude that hides underneath your symbols and hues.

Why Bigger and Bolder is not Necessarily Better

Trade Show DisplaysWe have said it ourselves; you need to be seen at a trade show. But we also say that you need to adjust your displays in keeping with the tone of each event. An emerging trend in trade show booth presentations is the bigger and bolder movement. Vibrant colors, larger banner stands, taller inflatable columns, more video screens, and louder presenters are becoming the norm. For you, this is an excellent opportunity to capitalize on the over stimulation attendees now suffer.

How to Bring the Trade Show Attendees to Your Booth – and Keep Them ThereTrade Show Displays

  • Declutter the space. When you are boxed in by booths that cover every possible square inch with posters, banners, pop-up displays, and similar marketing materials, be the one that stands out because of its “less is more approach.” Select one or two banner stands that do the talking. Maximize your investment by choosing adjustable products.
  • Encourage conversation. Add seating areas. Imprinted throws are perfect for tables, small couches, and comfortable chairs. Where others have presentation tables galore, you add a conversation corner where some of your more soft-spoken personnel interact with the attendee.
  • Invite recharging. Cell phone charging stations are ideal; add one to your booth. Next, put round tables – with customized throws, of course – to good use with bottled water, fruit, cookies, and cake. Attendees also need some time off their feet. And when someone is enjoying a slice of cake at your booth, s/he might not be adverse to discuss your brand of widgets.
  • Make connections. Condense your marketing materials to the heavy hitters such as iPad stations, brochures, and banner stands. Let the consumer engage with your brand and walk away refreshed. There is a good chance that the combination of a comfortable chair and a slice of cake will result in more connections than the three-ring-circus your neighboring competitors put on.

Working with Industry Insiders to Put Together Your Next Trade Show Displays

Contact our trade show display experts to discuss your upcoming presentations. We collaborate with you to create an ambiance of the booth area that appeals to attendees. If you already have quite a few components on hand, we assist you with their updates for maximum exposure of your brand message. Call us today to set up a display evaluation appointment.

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Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team