Store owners, fitness center operators, service providers, restaurateurs, and a broad range of other types of business owners know that the use of wall graphics and murals in Atlanta GA, venues makes a significant difference in the way that consumers interact with a brand or product. If you have been thinking of adding this graphics solution to your setting but are unsure about the best practices for display options, we have a few suggestions that might just be what you are looking for.

Unique Artwork Encourages a New Type of Brand Engagement

wall graphics and murals in Atlanta GAIn the past, the use of original art would conjure up images of painted murals. Today, you no longer have to rely on temperamental artists to pick up a paintbrush or spray can to put together your artwork. Our graphic artists work with you to produce images and design combinations that display as unique creations with a brand twist. We incorporate your company’s colors, logo, name, and other identifying details. In so doing, we encourage your customers or clients to engage with your brand in an entirely new manner. This approach has proven successful for a variety of settings.

Photographs Produce Ambiance

You would ordinarily associate the use of photos in a business environment with framed images. This is no longer the case for trendy eateries, coffee shops, and similar settings. Frames are considered outmoded and actually interrupt the flow of clean lines and curvatures. Rather than marring the ambiance an interior decorator has constructed, those in this field choose to have photographs reproduced and enlarged for a vinyl wall display. Pairing a range of images and lettering with three-dimensional decorative touches such as hanging lamps creates an atmosphere that is innovative, unique, and easily brands the venue.

Murals Create a Setting that Encourages Doing Business

wall graphics and murals in Atlanta GAWhether you run an Italian restaurant and need an authentic vineyard backdrop or you operate an oil and gas business that has a lobby with too many blank walls, we can help. The murals we print consist of images that you own, stock photos that you like, or artwork that we create with the help of logos and color combinations you use for branding. For example, the oil and gas business may dedicate the focal wall of the lobby to a realistic depiction of a pump jack from one of its properties. For the Italian restaurant, a vacation photo or a stock image will do.

How to Order Wall Graphics and Murals in Atlanta GA

wall graphics and murals in Atlanta GAContact our graphic artists to schedule a design consultation. At that time, we look at any artwork that you already have on file. We also work with you to gain a better understanding of the message you want to convey with the images. Next, we suggest placement of the pictures, sizing for maximum impact, and material choices. For example, we customarily use smooth vinyl, but for ocean scenes, the use of a textured product may be more advantageous because it creates the illusion of movement. Schedule your client consultation today, and we show you what we mean.

wall graphics and murals in Atlanta GA

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team