Advertise, build a brand, or prepare for a seasonal sales event; with outdoor banners in Smyrna GA, you have plenty of options open to you.

Fence Banners Cover Unsightly Scenery and Replace it with Engaging Visual Content

outdoor banners in Smyrna GAConstruction sites, the backs of business properties, and the sides of buildings do not usually provide shoppers with great scenery. No windows allow visual access to product displays. In fact, the absence of windows makes even the display of graphics impossible. In this scenario, the use of fence banners is ideal.

Alert prospective customers to special offers, update them on projected opening dates for properties under construction and provide wayfinding assistance by guiding buyers to the entrance. By dressing up the exterior with colorful banners, you offer customers the opportunity to interact with your brand message even if they are not visiting your business. In a sports arena setting, the displays allow for commercial message displays to an audience whose eyes are trained on the goings on right behind them.

Seasonal Banners Alert Customers to Bargains and Shopping Opportunities

outdoor banners in Smyrna GADo your customers know that your products or services are relevant to them even during seasonal buying times? An accountant may not have to stress the importance of the firm’s services during tax time, but is the same true for the winter holiday shopping season? By suggesting product pairings and service vouchers as the ideal gifts for any occasion, an accountant has an opportunity to persuade shoppers to buy discounted service vouchers for themselves and their friends during premier gift-giving occasions.

For the retailer who hosts a parking lot sale, the banners generate plenty of interest well in advance of the event. Doing so also puts your business in the position of being a shopping destination on the appointed day. Another good reason to rely on outdoor banners for your advertising needs is the option of promoting new product lines or services. We recommend presenting your company’s information alongside images of manufacturer logos. Co-branding in this manner creates brand awareness in the consumer and helps the shopper to connect your business’ name and symbol with a particular product.

Buying Outdoor Banners in Smyrna GA

outdoor banners in Smyrna GAContact our graphic artists to discuss the desired look of your signage.

  • Material. Vinyl is a suitable all-weather material that wears well and looks great. For windy conditions, we recommend the use of vinyl mesh. Eliminate the need for wind slits with this construction method.
  • Colors. Colorful banners work well when you want to get the attention of your targeted demographic. To appeal to a broader range of consumers, we recommend the use of high-contrast colors such as white lettering against a red backdrop. Seasonal colors are suitable for messages set in the context of a specific shopping opportunity.
  • Mounting locations. In addition to fences, banners mount easily to your building’s façade, in between light poles, or suspended from the roof of your building (in the case of vertical displays). Contact us today to learn more about your options and to start the design process.

outdoor banners in Smyrna GA

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team