When discussing lobby signs for financial firms with prospective clients, we always like to ask what the tenor of the brand message should be. Sure, the product displays the company’s name and logo, but the combination of materials and style element setup contributes to the overall atmosphere of the reception area. The latter, of course, bespeaks the brand message. Because we firmly believe in customization, we have narrowed down three categories that make lobby signage for companies in the financial sector work so well.

1. The Client Identifies with the Sign’s Message

Lobby signs for financial firmsMore than just a corporate entity, companies in the home financing niche offer products that are near and dear to their clients’ hearts. Because a home is a very personal asset, consumers want to know that their lenders take a high level of interest in their business. By including a home image with your standard lobby sign, you connect with the customer on an emotional level. For the financial institution that primarily deals with investments, the trick to this type of connection is to highlight a rising trend. Doing so can be as simple as angling a style element upwards.

2. Material Choices Help Build Trust

Lobby signs for financial firmsYou will be hard-pressed to find a financial firm that presents its brand with PVC or foam. That said, there are some budget-friendly options for the new start-up that needs to hit the ground running.

  • Sign foam with metal laminates. When you favor the display of a dimensional letter lobby sign, we manufacture the product with sign foam. Painting the sides in a metallic color, we add thin metal laminates to the fronts. Doing so gives the impression of a sign that is made through and through with the more expensive material.
  • Glossy acrylic lettering. Another option is the display of high-gloss acrylic. Although some folks will tell you that only metal works well, this is simply not true. The trick here is to focus on the glossy nature of the display to underscore the contemporary vibe your business wants to get across.
  • Lobby logo board. For the smaller office with limited wall space, we recommend the use of a translucent acrylic logo board that we imprint with your company’s name and logo. We can install a light source behind the board to give it that little bit of pep to make the product pop. Illumination always sends an excellent message of trustworthiness.

3. Contemporary, Sleek Presentations Hint at Success

Lobby signs for financial firmsWhen you budget for your office signage, we recommend that you apportion the lion’s share of the funds for the lobby sign’s creation. If you skimp on this product, which is among the initial observations the client uses to create the first impression of your business, being penny-wise may prove to be pound-foolish.

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Lobby signs for financial firms

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team