Waiting room art frequently runs the gamut from the poster reprint to the abstract. Office managers who find themselves in a pinch have begun purchasing bin art from big box office supply stores. This practice has resulted in some embarrassing moments when a patient recognizes a picture because s/he has seen it on the wall of a different physician’s waiting room already. Avoid the embarrassment by ordering customized wall art. What do you need to know about the best canvas prints for greater Atlanta area waiting rooms?

A Unique Take on Wall Displays

Best Canvas PrintsCustomized canvas prints feature images and colors that you adapt to the look and feel of your space. There is no need to make do with generic artwork that looks somewhat out of place and does little to draw in the patient. In fact, you can even include some brand concepts in the selection of colors and styles. Because the setup is completely customizable, you can be sure that there will not be another waiting room with the same wall art.

How to Customize Your Canvas PrintsBest Canvas Prints

  • Image selection. If you have some photos that you took specifically for outfitting the waiting room, share them with our technicians. For the client who needs some help with choosing the right image – whether it is a personal photo or a stock image – we offer a consultation appointment. Our technicians also gladly visit your location to take measurements of the waiting room and get a better understanding of the image types you need.
  • Canvas selection. There are two types of canvas to choose from: matte or glossy. We recommend the use of matte-surface material when reproducing prints or displaying the artwork on a wall where it may reflect the light. Glossy canvas is an excellent option for showing off images of paintings.
  • Print. We transfer the image onto the fabric. Borders can continue the picture or display in solid white or black. Because we use a multi-color printing process that ensures bold, beautiful image renditions, you will be impressed with the finished product.
  • Display options. How would you like to present the artwork for those spending time in your waiting room? The canvas we use is museum quality, which makes it suitable for mounting to a wood stretcher bar frame for an authentic look. Depths allow for appearances between about .75 inches and 2.5 inches.

Ordering the Best Canvas Prints for Greater Atlanta Area Waiting Rooms

Best Canvas PrintsContact our experts to discuss your artwork needs. We work with you to put together options that visually work well for your setting. When you would like to integrate your corporate color palette for a brand message, we help you choose tones that fit perfectly and harmonize with the selected display pieces.

If you already have some wall art that you intend to keep, we help you reconfigure your displays for a harmonizing interior décor. Of course, if you need help moving the artwork into an office or another area, we can assist you with that, too. Call our canvas print experts today to learn more and get the creative process started!

Best Canvas Prints

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team