What sets apart the chain link fence around your construction site from those put around other building projects is the attention to detail you pay when it comes to signage. Plenty of property management companies, land developers, and building pros like to put up a fence to keep unauthorized folks out of harm’s way, but few realize that the barrier sets a great stage for communicating with the public. In fact, doing so is easy with banners and custom metal fence signs in Smyrna GA.

Aluminum is the Ideal Metal for Fence Displays

Custom Metal Fence Signs in Smyrna GAAluminum does not rust and easily withstands direct sun exposure without warping. Because it is lightweight, it does not challenge the structural integrity of the fencing. Also, aluminum is the quintessential metal that looks great, offers years of use, and goes easy on the wallet. We like to use aluminum because it presents members of the local Smyrna business community with added benefits.

  • Contour cuts. If you use aluminum signs for advertising, we recommend the use of contour-cut shapes to feature your logo or a niche-specific graphic. When you display a no-parking sign, on the other hand, consider using the standard oblong appearance that folks have come to associate with this signage solution.
  • Direct imprints. Although we can add vinyl overlays that we imprint with your information, it is just as effective to print the information directly onto the aluminum substrate.
  • Refurbishing. Did you know that it is possible to refurbish aluminum signs and save you money in the process? If you change a phone number or re-brand at some point, we can simply add the previously mentioned vinyl overlay that features your new information.

Banners Advertise, Brand, and Alert

Custom Metal Fence Signs in Smyrna GABusiness owners, sports field managers, and developers like banners when they need to promote messages specific to their businesses. You might see donor recognitions at the sports park, “no entry” banners at the construction site or manufacturing plant, and advertisements announcing new merchandise arrivals as retail locations. Choose vinyl mesh for your material and select bright colors for the print. Doing so allows the wind to pass through the material and eliminates the need for us to cut wind slits into the banner.

Other Fence Sign Materials

Custom Metal Fence Signs in Smyrna GAOf course, you do not have to limit yourself to aluminum and mesh vinyl. There are also other material options. But we recommend caution with some of them. For example, Coroplast is an excellent budget-friendly material that we like to use for yard signs. In spite of its waterproof manufacturing, this product does not last very long if it remains outside, non-stop, for weeks or months. This is why the short-term use for lawn signage is so ideal.

Wood is another favorite. It is durable and looks great. Unfortunately, it is also susceptible to rot, warping, and insect damage. While you could order pressure-treated boards and ask our technicians to treat the material retroactively with stains to prolong its useful life, these extras add to the cost. When you like the idea of hanging signs that needs little in the way of care and maintenance, aluminum is far more budget-friendly.

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Banners and Custom Metal Fence Signs in Smyrna GA

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team