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One quick and surefire way to make your restaurant look dated and send away customers is to neglect your signage. It’s pretty much common knowledge these days that people buy with their eyes and make snap judgments at the drop of a hat. And especially if you are a restaurant.


Most restaurant owners know that one bad experience can lead to (sometimes ridiculous) negative online reviews, which can sometimes cripple a business all on their own.  In the world of social media’s close scrutiny, you have to make sure your signs are updated and looking good.

Basically, if your signs look terrible, the food better be good.

Great-looking signs can attract new customers to your restaurant and make you money. But if you don’t maintain them and update them over the years, they can actually start to hurt your business and send customers away.

Take a sushi restaurant for example. Good sushi always comes down to the freshness of the fish, and most people wouldn’t dare eat sushi if they have even the slightest doubt that the fish is fresh.  So a sushi restaurant with a broken sign, or perhaps an illuminated sign with lights that are not working, sends a message that this business doesn’t even have enough money to fix their sign, let alone keep buying fresh fish.

Part of our job as a sign company is to make sure that your overall brand and image reflects quality and professionalism. We can sit down with you and discuss your restaurant, your goals, and how to create a marketing package that will bring new customers in off the streets, and (if the food is good) keep them coming back.

We specialize in restaurant signs, as well as all other kinds of signs for businesses. If you have any questions, or would like a free quote, give us a call or visit our website for more information.


Written by:  Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio